Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (Extensive Preview)

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Jun 5, 2006
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Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl are new games that were recently announced for the Nintendo DS
Not much is known about them yet however below are the details we do know about these upcoming games:
They are set in a region different to Kanto, Johto & Hoenn but contains old Pokémon aswell as the new ones and is called Shinou. In which you start in Futaba Town. The Professor is called Nanakamado

You are capable of transferring your hard trained Pokémon from Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed & LeafGreen to these games after certain
criterea have been met in Diamond & Pearl

There will be many new Pokémon including new Pre-evolutions and
Evolutions of Old Pokémon. Currently 5 are known

DP will use the DS's Wireless Capabilities and allow for up to 16 Players to be linked at once in a Union Room style situation

There will be no new Pokémon types but new type combinations such as

Day/Night Feature makes a welcome return

The Pokédex now features a weight comparison feature. The height and weight comparisons allow you to put your own height and weight in and compare with the Pokémon

The Watch acts as a PokéNav called Pokétchi and has over 20 Features:Time Management, Monitoring of Pokémon in the Breeding Center, Type Chart and many more

Voice Chat over Nintendo WiFi Connection

Linkable with Pokémon Battle Revolution

The Pokémon Sprites vary between Male & Female Pokémon. Different patterns are on the different genders aswell as bigger or smaller features or even missing features. For example Wooper's Antenna is smaller on the female version as seen below

Male wooper

Female wooper

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The Pokédex is a feature that has been in every Pokémon game, however with
the transfer of the game series onto the DS, there have been a few changes
First, the main control and browsing is implemented on the touch
screen allowing you to scroll through the Pokémon at will and then
selecting the Pokémon

Dex Entry
When you select the Pokémon, you get a number of options for what to
display. They are as follows:

Dex Entry

This comes with an exit button and a Back and Next Button set which
can also be accessed through the B & A buttons respectively. This
page shows the standard Pokédex Entry for Buizeru

Pokémon's Cry
The Pokémon's Cry is done a different way. You can select the play
button on the touchscreen and increase the speed and pitch of the

Weight Comparison
A newly added feature is the comparison of the Pokémon's Weight.
Like with the height the game allows you to put your own weight and
your character and the Pokémon in question are put on scales to
determine who is heavier. Again this allows you to really get a
scope of how heavy the Pokémon are

Height Comparison
The Height Comparison has a slight difference to the normal size
comparison from previous games. In it you actually enter your own
height and the comparison is made based on this. This allows you to
really get a scope of how tall the Pokémon really are.
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The Pokétch, the PokéNav so to speak for Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. This
handy little device is implemented into the main character's watches and
has up to 20 features all of which come in a classy LCD Watch style look
and controlled with the Nintendo DS Touch Screen. Below are the features
that are currently known.

Time Management
The first noticiable function of the Pokétch is the most obvious one
for a watch; Time Management. On this function you basically see the
time in 24 hour format. This is good to help you keep track of the
time and make places in time for time-specific events or Wild
Pokémon Captures.

Type Chart
This little function of the Pokétch allows you to input both an
attack type and the target Pokémon's types and it will output
whether this is normal, super effective or not very effective. Quite
handy if you're searching for attacks that can defeat a certain gym
leader's Pokémon

Breeding Centre LookUp
This feature is a handy one for all Pokémon Breeders and Pokémon
Trainers. This feature allows you to keep tabs on the Pokémon that
you have stored at the Breeding Centre. It shows their current
level, so that you know how many levels it has gone up since it has
been there, and it shows the actual Pokémon and any egg that the
Pokémon create. Very handy for breeders and trainers to know when
their breeding is complete

This feature is a standard calculator within the Pokétch. When you
select each of the buttons, a Pokémon's Cry is heard.

Unfortunately at time of writing, not all the features of the Pokétch have
been revealed, but when they have been, the will be added to this page
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Time Feature
A Returning feature to the Pokémon games is the feature revolving
around Time. The time is set by the DS's clock and confirmed as you
start the game. It is constantly checkable in the Pokétch Feature.
However unlike GSC where there was just Day Night and Morning, there
are several new time areas being used

Morning...the time period that you wake up in. When it's morning in
the games, the area is darker than normal but still pretty visible

Daytime is the general time set between Morning and Afternoon. This
is when everything will be at it's Brightest

In the afternoon, the screen areas have a nice Orange tint to
simulate the Sunlight at Dusk and also provide a phasing into night

In the small gap between Afternoon and NightTime the screen gets
darker to simulate the time period closer to night and the lights on
the building are all on

And Finally at Night, gone midnight, it is dark and all the
buildings have lights turned off to simulate the fact that nobody
would be awake
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Can’t catch Manefi

Manafi...one of the newly revealed Pokémon has been found to be
unavailable in Diamond & Pearl
However there is a way. It involves you having to complete the
special mission on Pokémon Ranger, obtained in a Nintendo Event (in
Japan the pre-booking of the 9th movie), where Team GoGo manages to
obtain Manafi's Egg and you have to defeat them and retrieve it.

Once you retrieve it, Professor Shinbara tells you that the egg
cannot hatch in Fiore, but can only hatch in Shinou and you must
send it there. To do this you need to have 2 DS's, and a copy of
Diamond or Pearl

Providing that you have these, the game shall send the egg over to
the game and you will be able to hatch it into Manafi, and that
seems to be the only way to get Manafi. The Egg can only be sent to
One Game and each game can only ever receive one Egg

Sorry for the Quad post, this is everything about the games so far, could you merge the posts for me mods?

[Info credited to Serebii.net]
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well i have to say it looks pretty good.I noticed that the buildings look like 3D.i like the idea that they bring nigth and day back.
Oh and dwaltin Pokemon Trozei and pokemon Dash are the only pokemon games out for the DS and i liked them.Also i have noticed pokemon is coming out with about 5 games for the DS.
here are some:
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Rangers
Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Well at least this is what they have in gamefaqs.
I'm excited to hear of a new Pokemon game! The day/night thing is a big welcome! I was kind of hoping that Nintendo would remake Silver and Gold like they did with Red and Green (Fire Red/Leaf Green), but maybe they will someday.