questions about umbrella chronicles


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Nov 21, 2007
aye guys these have prob been asked somewhere so apologies if thats the case but just wanted anyones opinions on what this game is like. Is the gameplay enjoyable and does it fit in well with the zapper? Is this a game that i will wanna keep playing and can also enjoy 2 player with a mate? Just a few questions that i would love some feedback on cuz its out here in Aus in 2 weeks. Cheers
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ah k ye thats kinda wat i thought, thanks :)
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ye man love the RE series, such good storlyines (not greatly deep but still good stories) so i hope like u sed this ones deep and has great gameplay
OMG! What a game. Right I'm new to the whole RE thing. I didnt really like the first one so i never bothered to check any others. But I do like this. I got it on friday and it hasnt come out of the machine yet. Even though its on rails I'm an old school gamer and hail from the school of "operation wolf" one of the early rail shooters(with colour). So i'm glad nintendo have a decent rail shooter.

Thats me 2pence (^_^)