Real-Life Ninja


5m00th m00v3s!
Jul 28, 2006
This guy is amazing. I don't know about you guys, but i love this video.[MEDIA][/MEDIA]
If any of you others have any unbelievable videos to post, go ahead.
[MEDIA][/MEDIA]sorry bout that
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I think that's called street-jumping, it's something alot of kids r learning to do now. It's awsome:D

Hey Stupid (no offense, just saying ur name:lol: ) when u click on the URL it puts u on the homepage...plz fix. And while u'r at it, to make it visible in ur post (like crazii_for_wii did) just hit the
and put the URL code in there:)
Thats Awesome! Filipidy,Flipidy, Flip!

That Long Combo In The First Video Was Amazing!
im sure hes a Londom Jumper, from the show Jumping London i believe, theres a lot of people like this

thats probally where the vids are from and stuff

but yah its called street jumping
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