Roundup: Nintendo of Japan Conference


Apr 30, 2006
Here's a round-up of the key points made by Nintendo at todays conference in Japan.

* Japanese launch date of December 2nd 2006.

* Prices for Virtual console games will be 500 Yen ($4.25, £2.26) for NES, 800 Yen ($6.80, £3.61) for SNES and 1000 Yen ($8.50, £4.52) for N64. Bought by credit card or Wii ponts card.

* 30 Nintendo games and 30 PC Engine/Megadrive (Turbo-Grafx/Genesis) games before end of year. Ten new virtual console games every month after that.

* Official website is now Live and will be updated with new content as the shows progress.

* The contents of the Wii package will include:

Wii console
Wii remote (w/ strap)
nunchuck attachment
Wii AC adaptor
Wii A/V cable
Wii console stand
sensor bar + stand
2x AA batteries.

* The price for the package will be 25,000 Yen ($212, £113) price inc tax.

* The Wiimote seperately will cost 3,800 Yen ($32, £17) with the classic controller costing 1800 Yen ($15, £8) , and 1800 Yen ($15, £8) for the nunchuck attachment.

* 16 titles from ten publishers will be available at lunch. The cost of the games will be 4,800 Yen ($40, £22) to 6,800 Yen ($58, £31).

* The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will cost 6,800 Yen ($58, £31).

* Wii Sports will not be a pack-in game, it will be bought seperately to the cost of 4,800 Yen ($40, £22) and include five sports games.

* Japanese launch titles include:

Lengend of Zelda: TP
Wii Sports
"Your First Wii Games"
Red Steel
SD Gundam Revolution
"Ennichi no Tastsujin"
Trauma Center
Monkey Bal
Pangya Golf
Wing Island
Kororinpa (Marble Madness-style game)
Machariku Domino (a domino game)

* 34 Playable games at the event.

* Offiicial Wii website lists 24 Virtual Console publishers.

* WiiConnect24 will feature a BBS-like message board system that can cross-post to and from cell phones, computers and other Wii consoles.
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m7ticalm said:
So wait.....There was no Japan release date given? Or is it 2nd of December like one of the pictures show?

oops, that was an important thing to miss off :)

- Added 2nd December launch date (Japan)
hey good sum up i have been posting some new about it like Mii and the packagine i love the new menus and the channels but they didnt say how you would type
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The Japanese prices seem very reasonable.

Let's see what prices will be for RIP OFF Britain...I predict:

£50 - £55 per game

£180 for the system

£8.50 for N64 downloads

We shall see...
well there it is. December 2. Now the speculators can stop speculating. The price of everything except the console are higher than what I wouldve wanted to see. If i want The console, wii sports, zelda, and extra wiimote+nunchuk then I will be paying $400 plus tax. Im not ready to do that. I could, but I dont want to make that kind of expense right before christmas. . .
The December 2nd is in Japan, but we have to know the release in north and south americas (where I live).