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Dec 8, 2007
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Post tattoos you have or want to have, or just ones you think look cool or weird or whatever.

Here's the one I plan on getting: (or something similar)

That's about as far as I'll go. xD

Here's some interesting ones:



This one's just wrong:
I've got this on the ribs on my right side under my arm:

I want to get the Liverbird somewhere though, which is this, but I'd get it in black:
I'm getting an Egyptian themed tattoo as soon as I can.
There's a few different things I'd like to have in it, I guess I'm going to go there and give them my ideas and see what they can come up with. I can't wait to have one though.
I'd like to be a tattooist, if not for the sickening fear of tattooing inside the arms, which is why I decided to ditch the apprenticeship one of my neighbor's offered me. Though, I'd never get one myself. I'd never be content with one image on myself for the rest of my life.

Pieces of gidget suddenly appearing? ;)

I like tattoo's, they're just not for me.

I really don't have one I can think of that would have good meaning and I don't want to get one "just to have one".

My friends want some soon though so maybe I will change my mind.
I saw one on one of the Tremor Brothers from Smokin' Aces. It was a naked woman on his shouler and the legs split at his armpit. Whenever he raised his arm her legs spread wider. I don't want it but I thought it was pretty funny :lol:
Ill upload a picture in a bit but I got a Lion on my right forearm symbolizing my Zodiac sign, Leo, and above it I have the Triforce from the Zelda series. On my other arm, it isnt a tattoo, just a scar, but its about 6 inches long and its in the shape of an S (looks like the Super man symbol)
I want to get a tattoo of a Cross with the trinity symbol tangled up in it and maybe a faded picture of Jesus in the background.