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Jun 6, 2006
Aberdeen, Scotland.
Sorry in advance for the bad language, but all the younger people who think they know it all are starting to piss me off. I found these forums to be quite pleasant. Then I came on today to find a load of posts by "mutti" who has subscribed to what I can only describe as a "fan site" and all he or she has done is complain. It sort of ruins the whole experience, and I think that's what they want, so, I'm advising you just to ignore any dud posts, because what they want is attention, and if you give them it, they'll keep on. And it really annoys me.>:O
Yea he just joined either yesterday or today just to make pointless threads about the Wii sucking, but as soon as Ion gets hopefully he checks his inbox I've sent a PM to him about "mutti." So hopefully he locks all those topics started by him and bans his IP adress.
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Hmmmm, this is a Nintendo fansite, for someone to sign up to abuse's like walking into a street full of black people and shouting racist comments. It's stupid and senseless.:(
A message to all anti-Wii fanboys- you're entitled to your opinion, but remember this is a Wii forum, and as such is likely to be full of people who want to buy it. If you don't want one, fair enough, don't buy it. Stop wasting our time saying how crap you think it is.
hey im british WE KNOW HOW TO SWAER but i try to refeain (or use less hardcore words) from it when on a famaly site
mutti has been taken care of, sorry it took so long but i typically don't sign on over the weekend due to poor internet connection at home.
Mr Jimsmit said:
Oh, so I'm not the only one that got annoyed by it.:D Oh and Prinny, I'm Scottish, we know how to swear too.;)
Arrch i don o (or some thing)

ps that was the first time i used that picture on the internet