TV/Video game/Movie series that NEED to stop


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Mar 21, 2009
TV:lost(self explanatory)
Movie:Scary/epic/superhero/disaster movies(not that funny, just stupid poop jokes)
game:Medal Of Honor:yup, i sad sucked,airborne was intense,mulitplayer doesnt match up to battlefield and cock of duty
TV: All cable TV just needs to stop. Everything must either stream on the net or be in nice dvd boxsets. Or in book form.

Movies: I'm not a movie buff, Shrek and Spiderman must stop... now.

Games: Sonic(I vowed to collect every Sonic game and I'm getting tired of buying shitty games,
TV: ... Rarely watch TV, couldn't care less. :p

Movies: ... Rarely watch movies, lulz. Couldn't care less.

Games: As previously stated above, Sonic. There's been how many good Sonic games in the last 5 years? ... One? -.-;

Most non-Tennis/Golf Mario sports games. It's just meant to milk the franchise, and more often than not, they royally suck. The only series that probably doesn't in general suck ass, would be Strikers; although I can't say for sure, I havn't personally played the games.

Guitar Hero, from my own personal opinion. Yes, I hate music games; but god, Guitar Hero games are such a cheap way to make money. Just make a shitload of DLC and the fans don't have to buy an entire new game for usually not much more content, and not enough songs to make the money worth. If there's some kind of update, release a patch and be done with it.

There's plenty more I'd moan and complain about, but that's all I can think about for now.
Ah, I was just viewing that lego guitar hero thread... why didn't I think of that?

Oh, I know. Mortal Kombat. They're just getting worse over time. Atleast Street Fighter can retain it's epicness; or atleast better than MK can.
I must agree although I have not played SF 4 yet... Actually I've been out of the Street Fighter loop. Too many versions caused my brain to meltdown and thus I've averted it mostly. Mortal Kombat was never much fun to me. Yes, it has gotten MUCH worse though.

What the hell happened to those freaky years we called the 90s, where things were bright and colorful to match our cute young mentalities... *sigh*
TV: The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, any shounen series over 100 episodes.

Films: They aren't so bad 'cos they're only once every three or four years. But Star Wars definitely needs to stop after the prequel trilogy and that CGI film.

Games: Sonic (at least in 3D), all the World War 2 FPS games.

Games: Sonic(I vowed to collect every Sonic game and I'm getting tired of buying shitty games,
You know, no one's going to hold it against if you if just stop.
Ah, I just remembered a bit. I may not watch anime on a regular basis anymore, but...

Pokemon, Yugioh, and probably every other anime based off of some kind of game. God awful anime's used to milk the series... Whether or not the original with the japanese voice actors is any good, they must ennnndddd. No more cheap profit. Other merchandise gets them rich enough as is, yeah?
-TV - All of the content on the ITV player.
Big Brother
All them dancing shows

Film - ______ Movie (Epic movie, Scary movie etc)
Any Disney CGI thing

Game - Fifa
Music based games
______ Street fighter 2 _______ Come on Capcom stop with realeseing Street fighter 2
Pokemon how many more can they lazily think up
After watching the season finale of Heroes just now, I'm convinced it has to end.

Why did Matt, Angela and Noah do that ridiculous plan to turn Sylar into Nathan when they should really know better by know? Why didn't they just use some of Claire's magical healing blood to bring back proper Nathan? Why does Peter not have "the hunger" like last time he had Sylar's power? And why did the big fight take place OFFSCREEN?

You'll be glad to know it ends next year.
Heros should of ended after the first session

So they have been found in lost?

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