Was Michael Jackson a pedophile?

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Mar 27, 2009
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The biggest question for MJ.... I hope he wasn't because that would sicken me. I want proof, sources, anything to prove him innocent or guilty....
Even though he's has been a bit questionable at times, I'll give it a no.

I remember him for his amazing music, not his personality and life.
lmfao no matter how much people love to bash him for the publicity and the accusations against him being a pedophile, he definitely wasn't one. I call him a pedophile for shits and giggles but he definitely didn't have any child related mental issues. Now other issues, I'm not too sure about.
but yeah, definitely not a pedo.
In 1993, in the wake of his fourth solo album Dangerous, Jackson was accused of molesting a young boy. Because this both contradicted his image as a friend to children and was not implausible in light of the various rumors of his extreme eccentricity — in particular, his alarming changes in appearance over the past 15 years, chalked up to plastic surgery and the skin disorder vitiligo — it made international headlines. Evidence was too slim to actually prosecute, considering the questionable circumstances of the allegations, and Jackson settled a civil suit out-of-court over the matter. Since then, he was less known for his artistic output (HIStory [1995], Blood on the Dance Floor [1997], and Invincible [2001] - which still all went platinum several times) than his ever-strange personal behavior: a brief marriage to Elvis Presley's daughter, dangling one of his children (an infant at the time) over a Berlin hotel railing to show him to fans, and a second round of molestation allegations which unfolded over 2003-05 resulting in a not guilty verdict. The media's selective portrayal of him as a complete freak for the rest of his life served to further-tarnish his already downtrodden reputation.

Sadly, Jackson died due to a cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50, a few weeks before the start of a long-awaited series of shows in London that were to serve as a comeback. His death occurred during an almost surreal two-week period between June 21 and July 4, 2009 which was densely populated by celebrity deaths including those of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Sky Saxon, Billy Mays, Mollie Sugden, Harve Presnell, Karl Malden, Steve McNair, and possibly even David Carradine (though he died two weeks earlier). His death has now, shockingly, been ruled a homicide.

Somewhat ironically, in the wake of his death, general public opinion seems to have begun taking a full circle, and to regard him as, even if still extremely weird in his later personal life, one of the unassailably greatest performing artists of all time; as in, all human history.

I found this. I honestly don't know much about Jackson. Pop was never on my radar. I only ever heard horrible things, but the media just loves to rag on people. They went overboard here in my opinion. Who here hasn't done some weird **** themselves...

Doesn't mean you're gonna rape kids.

I say. Blown-out-of-proportion Media debacle.

However. There could be some truth in it.
I promised myself I'd stay out of the whole MJ debate...

I agree he was a bit "too friendly" towards children than is normally appropriate, but there's not enough evidence to convince me he was a paedophile.
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Well right now I am reading a book about him. He knew a kid named Jordan Chandler (not me even though my name is Jordan). Michael took him on a vacation to Vegas with his mother. His father was a jackass so he got alot of lawyers, PI's, etc so he can prove MJ a pedophile. When I get back from school today I will post a couple passages in the book.
No he wasn't. He was catching up on childhood, parents of the children who were friends with him knew they could exploit this, followed by the media going to town on it.
Even proven innocent, by the media they will always say he's guilty.
I believe he wasn't a pedophile despite the whole court case that happened.
He lived his life in a manner that when he died so many people mourned his passing.