What are your bad habits?

I'm extraordinarily negative, stubborn and lazy. I don't digest criticism well at all.
Those aren't really habits, they're personality traits.

I lay around in bed too much.
I don't brush my hair enough, because it hurts. But I guess if I brushed it more, there wouldn't be tangles and it wouldn't hurt :p
Cursing. According to a certain someone, I cant go 30 min without cursing.
Also biting my nails, I get nervous a lot for the stupids things, which leads to the nail biting.
I slightly have OCD. Is that a bad habit?

I swear but I don't see it as a bad habit, it's emphasis.

I wouldn't say I'm lazy, I'm just always too comfy to move.

Clicking bones maybe?
Hmm what I can think of...

-Bouncing my leg when sitting
-Extreme sarcasm