What do adults have against us "Kids" and our "Maturity"?

We didnt have "R" "18" rated games when I was under the age.

Ok there was the porn ones but they where crap
Kids and adults couldn't be treated 'equally' in general anyway, I'm not sure where the affiliation is, it's exactly why different age groups exist.
'Maturity', not only subjective but you're only speaking for yourself, you don't really have an argument for your age group.

Yes, there's plenty of minors with some aspects you could label 'mature', that doesn't make them mature, you can't define a personality as mature, so many other factors lay the foundation for a personality that calling someone 'mature' in a general sense is illogical at best.
You seem to imply that adults who spend their free time with entertainment like gaming are irresponsible. Not all adults must oblige to babysitting or business trips, whereas not all kids have interests in gaming, it's personal preference.

I will say, I agree that age restricted forums, purely for clan talk, is confusing. :sick: It's basically a generalized assumption that everyone under the age of 18 is somehow a nuisance or incapable of reason. To be honest I don't know or care if there is a more significant reason for the security, obvious thing to do is to ignore it, I mean, it's pretty childish, heh.

Adults generalize kids, and kids generalize adults, as evidently you have done. It's natural from the events we experience, we form opinions, and unfortunately, most think their opinions actually matter. Everyone has different preferences and reactions to situations, so generalizing any group from the age spectrum is irrational.

I'm not sure what you were trying to gain from this thread, the entire topic is a general view of people of different ages with different lives which we have no idea how they spend their time. The question you asked is not really a valid question, maybe worth redefining.
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I understand many of you adroit grown folk have maintained a well full of knowledge.
Me myself am still 15 and 1/2 years old.
The only point I am really trying to get across is that maybe adults should just look at us as not amoral all the time, but as experienced grown young men and women! When I say this I really just refer to the 13-16 maybe 17. But even me as a mer 15 1/2 year old and counting don't look at the kids under 13 as childish and immature fools but I just look at them as inexperienced human beings who are STILL maturing. I mean...aren't we all still maturing!?
WE ALL have an area upon ourselves we can improve in.I know that many laws don't refer to us children as much as adults. Like "You have to be 21+ to legally have the right to drink" and that's probably how it will and should stay.
I personally have my parents say I have matured at an early age. Me knowing that I have not fully matured but am mature enough to be called mature! Especially by my parents...that means a lot coming from them. I am still maturing as we speak but does not mean I am immature but can be mature enough to the point where I can communicate with adults maturely.
Sorry if I have adventitiously offended anybody in this thread! I also want you to understand that I have taken everyones explanations and absorbed them into my head helping me to grow more as a person. This has been a wonderful experience and I agree that much of what you guys say is true, but me as a 15 1/2 year old just still can't seem to agree with some of it.Thank you and have a nice day!
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The enter button for some reason isn't working for me...or at least it doesn"t respond physically when i press "Post Quick reply" doesn't mean I am immature. Im not immature and sure you guys may not think I am but if my parents personally think Im a mature young adult, then I am a mature young adult. end of discussion. I don't expect you guys to understand me once so ever as my language isn't "up to date enough" for you guys to understand so I am not going to waste my time trying to explain to you any further...