Where All The White Women At???


Oct 16, 2006
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
not really...

but most of this whole forum is obviously of the male gender... so are there really any girls out there??? or is our 1337n355 too overwhelming that girls can actually smell it from their computers?...

HA, you guys are funny saying the female race. First of all WII before me. Then males. Then dogs. Then pandas. Then ducks. Then females.
(This is sarcasim) plz dont hurt me
1. Although women gamers are rising in numbers they are still few...
2. Many women already hate listening to men and their BS so here probably isn't any different lol
3. I'm not absolutely sure but I'm almost positive that the majority of women gamers are from non-english speaking countries(China, Japan, Many Euro countries)
Just so you all know: There are more women gamers than men gamers. The majority of them play parlor games and such like bejeweled or something. So technically the men are the minority lol. Don't say they aren't games, they are and it's a big business. But for those games like FPS, RTS, etc. those are more dominated by men.
perhaps it should have been clear that we are talking about console women gamers... not housewife mom playing slingo on the home computer inbetween vacuming and dishes
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GreyKirby said:
why did he include white? lol anywho i think there was a few girls but this forum is over powered my men xD
its a very famous quote from a movie.... I just can't name it off the tip of my tongue... look it up
blazing saddles man!!!!!!! one of the greatest comedies ever

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