The Male and Female Species


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Jan 10, 2007
It´s not just government, It´s the whole world, we´re supposed to be more inteligent than any other species In the world but people keep creating rules and laws we must follow I don´t think that´s Inteligent, and yeah, sorry It was depression I was wrong.


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Dec 26, 2006
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kitkat_bar said:
The cared for part is getting less and less. Women are being forced to be stronger due to the hardships of married life, relationships, ect. Statistics show that more men cheat on women than vice versa. Women are finding themselves either finding replacements for the missing love or just doing without it all together.

I must disagree with your sentiment on this one - to cheat on ones partner doesn't encapsulate what I commented on regarding caring and to be cared for, you say that statistics show more men cheat - surely that should be "more married men cheat than married women surveyed", unless, mainly men are cheating with men, then it would seem an illogical statement - do you agree??

If a man cheats then the stock excuse is generally "sex" but when a woman cheats the stock answer is "I was driven to it..." etc etc, whilst not wanting to get embroiled too heavily on the excuses and or causes - a palatable reason as to why anyone cheats is possibly out of a sense to either want more physical or emotional bolstering - which takes us back or be cared for in some form or another!

As to women gaining strength in relationships, I'm not so sure it's ever been too far away anyway - after all in the early part of this century, women were the stronger dominant force, in lower class households certainly, and the men were generally the breadwinners, women took charge of the running of the family and finances and the man got pissed - I think the modern woman has evolved more sophisticatedly from this and we are coming back round to women who take charge of their own lives and forge careers, especially with the advent of the house husband- a mere change in traditional roles!! C'est la vie...

I think people do without "it" as you mention - and indeed do replace it with career, money, drink etc etc but I don't agree that these are long term substitutes by any means - they still hark back to the need to feel wanted eventually, don't we all???? Human nature, after all, is a very strong force.

Sorry to go on - I got a bit caught up :lol:

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