why people why??


Jun 28, 2009
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sorry to say this by why is most of the people on this site a huge dick... i mean all i do is pu a few replys on some stuff and im compleatly palite i never swere i just give opinian and facts nothing wrong but i get theas molesties shouting at me saying wtf is ur problem and r u retarded and im like wow who knew the wii comunaty where a buntch of skid marks i just wanna meet a normal person who i can discus games and other stuff with so if u want a normal chat i will be happy to but dont come to me if ur a comleas slic of nob chees

(sorry about spelling im disclesick... i think thats how u spell it lol)

pm me if u wanna chat or exstange coads i have some on the most popular wii online games but rimember my rule no fanny swipes ok just the normal people...
Some people just over react when newbies break the rules. Atleast I wasn't one of them (and if you were referring to me in that post, I believe you're over reacting). :p

But really, time and again Wiichat sees these threads from newbies... I can imagine quite a few people will post here to complain, so... It's best not to make threads, complaining about the community (especially when the community isn't even bad here, it's quite a good place, IMO).
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U know what ur right i aplogis and im sorry i will carm down lol
pretty much every message board on the internet has it's large share of a-holes. whether it be the guy who bitches about typing in all caps, or the one who screams about using the search feature, or the one who tries OH SO HARD to be the police and tell everyone what kind of thread they can or cannot make, or the one who insists on super proper english and punctuation...the list goes on and on.

bottom line is, the internet is full of a-holes whose personality is only further exemplified by the fact that they have nearly complete anonymity.

best advice would be the one you often hear from your mother when you're little...just ignore them and go about your own business.
Sterculuis, i love you
and for you,(thread maker guy)
listen to Sterculuis
Prinny occasionally knows what hes talking about :p

But you have to realize that wiichat has a lot of people that sign up for like 5 days and then dont come back, its silly. What i would do if your that pissed of about it did4411, get your post count up to like 100+ and then start posting your opinion even though it may be agasit what most others are saying, it could work. Respect is mostly about post counts on most threads, if you dont know the person personally.
lol i remember when the rep bars was the only thing people would look at before posting opinions about someone XD

post counts are what people are looking at nowadays?