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Jul 3, 2006
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The Wii is going to have three rated E games coming to its console the games are Billy and Mandy, Veggie Tales and Ice Age 2 its good they have variety but they have to make sure that they don't make the wii kid friendly or else it will run into the same problems that plagued the gamecube
Don't forget SpongeBob and Ant Bully:sick:which Wii is in the commercial. Wii won't run into the same problems as the GC because of all the nonkiddie games we know are coming soon and in the future. As for those kiddies games they have to be released on some console and I bet they will be for the PS3 as well seeing how GC & PS2 were the only to release those riddiculus games.
games like spongebob and ant bully makes the wii just childish, but games as red steel, zelda and metroid... what else do u want!
what games in the future will be more teen/mature rated for the Wii? I really dont want Wii to fail like the GC did because of the lack of Mature rated games. This is one of the reasons i am a little hesitant in buying a Wii, getting it with zleda, then putting it inthe closet for a year cause of all the kiddie games (reminds me of my GC....)
i really hope that there are alot of interesting T-M rated games.....thats my worst fear for the Wii.....buying the system getting the games i want which are coming out at launch or soon after, then there being no more good games released. but in my opinion so far that each game the Wii is releasing looked good mainly because of the controller and how you use it to play the game. for example: Excite Truck that game actually looks pretty sweet and im not the biggest fan of racing games, but i feel with this new controller it is going to bring new kids to new games that they normally wouldnt be interested in, and thats how i feel the Wii is going to make its profits
Excite Truck looks like alot of fun... I have yet to see any footage of Monster 4x4 but from what I've read I understand that it will be the main competition of Excite Truck seeing that they are in the same genre. :D