WiiChat is NOT DYING

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Please, stop. We've been over this many times so please, I beg of you, stop this repetitive madness!
And just how do you propose to do that?
Well, we could somehow track i0n down, tie him up, force him to either continue to pay for Wiichat or give up adminship to someone trustworthy.

But there's only a .52% chance of that happening, since half of us don't care anymore.
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And just how do you propose to do that?

WELL SRRY I HAVE HOPE FOR WIICHAT!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad5::mad5::mad2::mad2:

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Triple posting? If only the forum could do something about that automatically to prevent it...

Oh wait, other forums can.
See what you did? You awoke sremick from His sleep. Now he is going to say something like ninstation can prevent triple posting and how wiichat is still dying. Don't argue with him he will just keep saying the same things over and over. He's like a broken record. He waits for someone to post a thread like this so he can come and talk about another forum. Hey sremick! People are still coming back to wiichat :p up yours
People are still coming back to wiichat :p
Unless the admin comes back and actually does his job for like the first time in 7 months, it really doesn't matter what people choose to waste their posts here. Random users coming back doesn't make up for an admin, nor does it pay the bills.

Is this the classy sort of behavior you hope will attract more people to this zombie forum?
^ actually it was a way of showing how much i hate you and how much drama you cause by posting negative things. And all you are doing is wasting your own posts.
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ninstaition is a g@y name...
WE CAN SURVIVE!!!!! i doubt we will be shut down even so wii will "evacuate" over to ninstaition
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^ actually it was a way of showing how much i hate you
That's nice. And your personal issues are relevant to the subject of this thread how...?

and how much drama you cause by posting negative things.
Actually, if you noticed, I'm actually quite civil and polite. Unlike the rude name-calling and swearing that others seem to feel the need to resort to.

The "drama" and "negative things" began when the admin of WiiChat abandoned it and left it to rot without anyone in-control. Or are you somehow blaming i0n's disappearance on me?

You might somehow find it prudent and sensible to censor it, hide the truth from people, prevent people from talking about it and calling them childish names when they do, and so on, but that's really rather irresponsible.

No one's making you leave if you don't want to, so go down with the ship if that's your choice. But don't get in the way of other people hearing about what's really going on here. If you don't like the truth, then use that handy "ignore" button to ignore whomever it is who bothers you so much and you never have to read their posts again.
It was relevant because You asked if my behavior would attract others to the forum. Key word would be "MY" behavior,meaning about me. Sremick you are just making yourself hated by new members too. They are probably scared to post because you will come and be negative to them. Youre going down with this site too if it does go down. Also long posts and advanced vocabulary don't make you the better person. And here we go everyone! This is all sremick will do if you try to post something positive about this site! p.s even if he is wrong he will still argue with you until he gets the last word. Be a man sremick and just stop. I DARE YOU!
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