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Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
Wii Online Code
haha... im bored and im waiting till i am sleepy to go to bed, but i was reading on some other posts that people wanted a change i nthe logo on the site, well since im bored and i have a full can of dr pepper i decided to make one and here is what i came up with.
im not sure if you can tell exactly the items on the logo but the two ii's are wiimotes with the pointer icon on the top, and i put chat backwars because nintendo is infamous for using their little codes as the Mii (upside down and reversed for Wii) so yeah here it is :p tell me what ya think


oh and i made it in paint so yaya..... im too lazy to learn all the neat things hotoshop on my compy has to offer
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Youre expecting ion to replace the logo with THAT?

i never said that was just saying i was bored haha.... blah... all this wii news has kept me up till early this morning it suxx... lol well im going to go latahZ