wooo Anime forum


Apr 30, 2006
had a few requests from Mitch2025 and some other members about adding an anime forum to free up some space in The Lounge area.

Sounds like a good idea so have fun.

Keep the multiple posting/spamming down, this isnt gonna be like the 'Board Games' forum so excercise some restraint :)
man its so nice to have a forum admin who accutaly listens to people and interacts a lot (first forum ive been in that the admin does this)
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I dont really know much about Anime etc, but is that the 'umbrella' term for it?

I know there's many genres of Anime, i'd like to have a title/description that doesnt really exclude anything..

If that makes sense :eek:
i0n said:

Hate it or love it Anime/Manga is extremely popular in gaming circles so it was always going to be discussed on this forum, no getting away from it.

Now would you prefer anime threads scattered across the forums in all the different sections, mixed in with other threads?

Or how about a section of the site which contains all the discussion away from members who have no interest in it.

Dont like the anime discussion? Then dont go into that section.

I know, but theres more types of animation than just Anime.
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Give me a name that covers everything and i'll change it, i thought Anime was just a blanket term for these kinds of animation.
umbrella name.......hmmm....... Crappy English-Recorded Show From Japan where everyone has big eyes and are all drawn the same?

that about covers everything
oh wait anime covers all that..
Well, I think the thread I made, took result, I think SSBB_Lover and Lord_Haku and all the Anime fans will be happy :)

(Gotta make a Slipknot or Metal Section :D)
sasuke747 said:
:O you only mentioned ssbb_lover and Lord Haku, what about me? I love Sakura!! :( how could you Arcadium xD just kidding :)

I haven't seen you really into the forums as I've seen Lord Haku and SSBB_Lover... well I'll change and edit it, anyway I think you are really INTO Naruto.
I am so much more into Naruto than ssbb_lover and Lord Haku :p but i also started watching them when they were released on the Internet for the first time :D :cool: