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Need for Speed: Carbon Review

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by WiiMan96, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. WiiMan96

    WiiMan96 WiiChat Member

    Nov 2, 2010
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    Oxford county, Ontario, Canada
    Need For Speed: Carbon, The Review
    Let me start by saying I’ve always wanted to write a review for people to see.
    But now that I’ve joined the WiChat forum, I have a chance to share my opinions on a game to anybody. Thanks for reading, and please leave comments/criticisms below.
    How I got the game
    About one month ago, I went to the local video game store to spend my 20$ gift card. I got the gift card as store credit from returning a Wii Zapper and an LAN adapter. So after saying hello to the clerk at the counter, I spotted a used copy of NFS Carbon for only 10 dollars! After choosing that instead of a cheap copy of Lego: Indiana Jones, I paid for my prize find and biked home, eager to try out my new game.
    Starting it up
    After removing the copy of Metroid: Other M, I inserted the disc into my Wii console.
    I clicked on the disc channel and was a little disappointed at the lack of music. But don’t worry, that was not an omen warning me of the game’s crappiness. When the main menu popped up, I chose career, then new career. I was glad to see a nice cut-scene with what seemed to be live acting with a little bit of a cell shading effect. I then raced downhill slip-sliding down a mountain road with an unknown driver trailing me closely. At the end of the course, I saw another nice cut- scene explaining why I was driving down that road, and the basic story of the game. Maybe 10 minutes later, I got to choose which car out of three classes ( Muscle, Tuner and Exotic ) I wanted to take for my new whip, since the car I was racing downhill at the start was wrecked. Finally, I was able to ride around freely and chose which races I wanted to enter.
    I was glad that the horizontal Wii remote control scheme worked just fine, but for those that preferred a jostick for pin-point precision, there are 5 other control schemes that use the tilt of the ‘mote for an accelerometer. Personally, I prefer the steering wheel style.
    This came out in ‘06. The launch year of Nintendo’s super console. So EA was not yet sure of what the Wii could do. Thus, graphics are not what they could be. But all the same, it is still pleasant to the eye. Funny enough, my cousin noticed that most cars, voice acting and other aspects are strait from his copy of NfS most wanted 2 for his PS2. Huh.
    Cars & Customization
    Of course you start out with the worst cars in the game. But thankfully you also race against the wimpiest of street racer gangs in the part of Palmont City. As you gain territory, you unlock cars and car pieces that you can add on at any time. I liked how you are free to customize your ride from your safehouse. With tons of peices and parts, no two cars are ever the same. Also, you can tune the performance of your ride with new engines, transmissions and the classic NOS upgrade.
    Driving Around Palmont
    Free roam is fun in any game. But this installment in the Need for Speed franchise does it pretty well. With jumps all over the map and collapsible environment features make this lots of fun. But not as much fun as flying down the highway at 300Kph and ramming a transport truck or a tiny family sedan. But free roam can be paying to. Every once in a while a random driver from a rival gang challenges you to a race. You can pick the Finnish line, anywhere in Palmont. If you win, you get 1000 bucks for your efforts. If you lose, all you lose is your dignity. Zing!
    You cant expect to get away with ramming into an innocent car in real life, so you cant here either. After you cause some damage to the cars and environment around you, you can hear the 911 dispatch reporting your reckless driving. I love the voice acting that is different every time. On your minimap, red triangles represent cop cars on patrol looking for you, mister speed freak . Once they catch wind of you, they’ll chase you down to the end. ( Theirs of yours. It depends. ) You can either drive away as fast as you can, or try to dispatch the po-po on your tail. Pursuits are always fun, unless if you get caught. The police then take your money, and sometimes your car. I recommend reloading your profile.
    Quick Race
    In Quick Race you can take a break from career and play around with cars in races set in Palmont. Thankfully you can customize your own cars in the section aptly named "My Cars" for this. This is great for two people who want to play, but the graphics dip to keep up with the two people playing.
    Reward Cards
    Reward cards are achievements that you... well... achieve... to get new cars and car parts. I think this was a nice touch, and drove you to do things like get a 200,000 dollar cost to state in a single pursuit.
    Pros and Cons
    * Great fun in all modes * Easy to find used and cheap
    * Cheats * Free roam
    * Tons of content
    * NO ONLINE!!! * Graphics cheap out for multiplayer
    In Conclusion...
    This is a great game. Its jam-packed with content, unlockables and fun. If you can get over the lack of online, you can find tons of fun in this little jem. Once again, thanks for reading!
  2. skidmarx

    skidmarx semi-pro thumb jockey

    May 13, 2007
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    not a bad review, if a tad wordy. i like nfs: prostreet; should be the same price...

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