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Note- One thread per clan. OMG WHEREZ MY THREAD!Read this

Discussion in 'Nintendo Clans' started by DBloke, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. DBloke

    DBloke RIP and tea you say?
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    May 30, 2006
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    Super Mancyland
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    As the title says.
    I have been getting a lot of complaints about certain members making several threads for there clan.
    So from now on if you post it twice I will delete the other thread and if you keep doing so you will be banned for who ever long I feel like.
    I know some of you clanners don't know how to read stickys, but still

    Thank you
    (And no I dont have any of your rubbishy shooters)
    (Haters gonna hate)
    If you dont like it I got two word for ya......
    SUCK IT!

    I got rid of a load of pages in this section. As its a pain to look threw everybodys names.
    If your thread was a casualty of it. Make a new one.
    As long as its not for the same clan

    Thank you
    #1 DBloke, Mar 27, 2011
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2011
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