Creamy or Chunchy?

I would say "chunchy," but that's not a word.

On apples: crunchy
On celery: creamy
On carrots: creamy
Sandwich: crunchy
“I bought some peanut butter a while ago." “There was creamy, chunky, extra chunky, and now, extreme chunky. I bought the extreme chunky, I opened it up, and it was just peanuts.”
-Jim Gaffigan

...But his voice is what sells it all :(

Lol wow, mustve been pretty bored to make this. Creamy man... the thought of having a ton of nuts in my mouth... eh, Id pass. Creamy=#1 hoe
Crunchy when on sandwiches.

But if you think about it all it is is half assed peanut butter.

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