Final Fantasy: Of Light and Charolette (My planned fan fiction story)


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Jan 25, 2009
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If I have my way, it'll be a comic instead.

Don't worry, unless you want to read a closely detailed description of a picture I drew of the main character(Kane) just skip the big paragraph below. As soon as I get a scanner I'm going to upload it anyway.

The other day I had Final Fantasy on the brain. With my notebook and pencil in hand, I started to draw what I would like to see in a new Final Fantasy. Surprisingly, it took only one sheet of paper before I drew up exactly what I had in mind. I'm not being modest, I'm usually unimpressed with a lot of things I draw... but when I was finished and looked over it, even I thought it was pretty badass. It was the main character, now dubbed Kane, walking forward. The picture stops right before it starts to show his feet. His hair is longish, sorta like Squalls but a bit longer and "wispier". His face is pointing downward a bit, but his eyes looking forward. His arms are sort of stretched out but pointing down. Like this > /l\. In each hand he weilds a sword but I'll get to that in a minute. His clothes consist of a black, tight undershirt with a skinny white line at the collar of it, then going down the center of the shirt to the bottom. It's tucked in by the way. over that he has a leather jacket (It's black but for detail sake I didn't color it in.). On the chest on each side is a pocket. The one on his right(your left) is a fold-over button pocket. The one on his left(your right, this goes for the rest of the left-right explinations) is a pocket that closes with a zipper. The collar of the jacket is the fold-over-collar type. On his right shoulder(remember) is a small silver shoulder pad with engraved detail. The black leather strap holding it there goes around under his arm. His right sleve(I'm sure you get it by now) goes down just above the elbow where the end of it is a metal ring, wider than the arm. His glove on his right hand starts with a metal ring that sticks out, then in, then out again as it goes downward( a side veiw of it looks kinda like a 3 but the middle stretches out). Then it's a black, leather, fingerless glove. His left sleeve is torn and tatterd with holes and rips, ending just a bit longer than the other sleeve. Just a little below his elbow and downward the skin is pitch black, even the hand and fingers. Above that, as though sprouting from the black part, his arm is coverd in black, vein-like markings reaching up to under the torn sleeve. His face is normal on his right, but on his left the eye is pupilless and shaped differently. Similar black markings are also around his eye and on the edge of the left side of his face, but not much. Also, on his left of his head his hair is somewhat sticking up, like a weak updraft is blowing through it. He wears a somewhat long silver necklace with a pendant on it. Oh, and the jacket ends a little below his waist. His belt has a simple square silver buckle and another belt hangs down, starting at the first belts buckle going around his left leg below the pocket. On his left pants leg is a zipper that goes all the way around above his knee. On the right pants leg is a big side-pocket starting on the side of his leg half way down the upper part of his leg stretching to the middle of the knee(On the side though :/) Back to the swords! The one in his right hand is a medieval like sword(Like the Master Sword) with a pure golden hilt. The hand guard on each side curves upwards(or, in the same direction of the blade) and has a miniature lion head carving at the end. The sword on the other end has a black blade and a shiny red hilt. The hand guards curve upwards aswell, but have sort of a bulls-horn shape to them except somewhat flat and blade-like. THe blade itself... this is the hard part to explaine. You know how the sword in Majoras Mask that Fierce Deity Link uses? Well, picture that but the two blades are much closer together making the sword skinnier, and it loops 3 times instead of 2. It's like that.

To the plot. I'm still working on it but here is the basic idea.
The world in this story is facing several problems and can't seem to catch a break. Problems just keep piling up. A secret war is going on but I wont get into detail about that, an epidemic is going around but instead of getting sick people seem to be literally losing their souls, for the past 7 years monsters have suddenly showed up and every year their numbers grow and more powerful variations start to appear. Of coarse you can probably already figure out that all of these will eventually be linked together... but, it could possibly link to something else aswell. Maybe even explaine a few things that happens in other Final Fantasy! How? Telling you wouldn't be fun. But all this is also linked to a personal problem of Kanes aswell... his left arm. If you read the detailed discription you'll understand that's a problem. But don't worry, it doesn't always look like that. Only at certain times or situations. Same goes for the rest of the demonic looking things in the describtion like his left eye or the left side of his hair.

Basically I'm just asking if anybody would be interested in actually seeing this playe out. I have a lot of ideas in store for it and I hope to get a scanner soon so I can make it a comic instead.