Have you ever been Rick Roll'd?


Jan 26, 2009
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How many times in 2008 have you been Rick Roll'd?

Does any1 know why its even called Rick Roll'd?

I have been Rick Roll'd 6 times last year =[
I've been rick roll'd 3 times in my life (these being true rick rolls, with me not expecting it at all)
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i got Rick Roll'd 3 times in a row lookin for Guitar Hero World Tour Videos on Youtube
Last year? ... ... ...I believe once, and it was actually the real deal. Yeah, only once for my entire life. XD ..Now I sense the rickrollers flooding me with PMs. :lol:
I've been roled a few times.
Back in the good 'ol days, Darkprinny used to get me all the time.
Darkprinny's website Rick Roll'd me, when i hit the wrong button, some time last year.

Was in a group msn chat with some of the gang on here (Lewi, Bliss, Cel, Tyler, etc) and Lew threw a link in there to one of the dirty sections of Prin's site.. I clicked the wrong thing, and got a never-ending Rick Roll..

" .. what?... What is this!? I've been Rick Roll'd!!!... D:< "
My art teacher Rick Roll'd me. It was beautiful.

I think Adam actually seeks them out so he gets to sing.

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