Is The Real Link In Twilight Princess


Jul 17, 2006
From some of the screenshots I have seen there is a middle-aged link and there's a pregnant woman. I think the woman is link's wife and the Link in the game is actually Link from OoT's son.

The screenshots i am talking about are on IGN, post here why you agree or disagree.
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this is the screenshot i am talking about btw


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i wouldn't count on it, every zelda game has been a seperate story with completley different link look-a-likes and "reborn" links even though some zelda stories tie in with another zelda game (WW for example). I don't think any zelda game is directly related to another except for maybe oracle of seasons/ages, (correct me if im wrong, i dont remember all of them) and i don't think they will start now.

and that would be kind of weird to be the son of the link in OoT... and if that Link were to get married he would either get married to Zelda or Saria (most likely) and that girl doesn't look like zelda nor is she really pale and have green hair ... (and saria doesn't age, being a kokiri and all)

* Oh and OoT and MM were related, that too.
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I agree, I dont think that you will be playing as the son of Link from OoT. I don't remember where I read it, but I believe that TP will be about 80-100 years after OoT. Besides, Saria couldn't marry Link, she is a sage. Oh, and on a side note, LttP and OoT was slightly connected.
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I think that is the girl in wich she has to save from that evil man if u havent seen it
no, its the same link becuz from the interviews of the developers of the game they said that unlike ocarina of time where you start out as a young link, you start out as a much more mature and older link. They wouldn't have said that if it was a diffrent link.
n besides he is an elf and aren't elves suppose to be immortal n it takes a really long time for them to actually looked like they have aged.
......Link is no elf....he is Hylian, which is basically human, I believe....however, as far as determining whether it is the same Link, or different, all we can do is speculate. That being said though, where did it say that OoT/MM Link ever returned from Termina?
this link is supposed to be after MM and before WW. i forgot where i read that...i think it was Nintendo Power.