Movies on DS


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Jul 10, 2006
Georgia, USA
Does anyone know of a way to play movies on DS? I know that movies can be compressed to a very small playable size if the resolution is low enough, and high res is not needed on small screens like the DS has. Anybody ever heard of someone doing this? Or better yet, actually seen it in real life, or still better, anybody done this themselves?
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obviously you have nothing to say - thats why you didnt say anything. You just want to have more posts. Why the hell do people say things on here when they dont serve any purpose?
well there is a ds only version with 4gig hard drive (over £100)
the one i listed is only £20
i have seen and exttension that plugs into you gba reader and has an sd card slot in the end which plays whatever is on the sd card i saw it on ebay