OMFG!! Nintendo can't Spell!!


Wii Otaku
Jul 5, 2006
HAHAHA!!!!I just saw something REALLY FUNNY!!! if u watch the "Gripping Games" video on the main Wii site when it gets 2 the spongebob bit it says "SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Karb!:lol:
"Karb?" what? is the krusty krab going diet with only 1 carb in their Krabby Patties? u tell me!
jeez dont mock nintendo they try their down right hardest and you insult them..... you ps3 fan. you get yourself a ps3!
Man, dont mock nintendo, when u insult nintendo u insult me, i thought that this was a nintendo wii supporters forum so why are u dissing nintendo, HUH, HUH!! BRING IT!
you've just turned your back on all of us..... jeez just lay off nintendo already! what was that? youer going to buy a ps3 and your going to buy GTA? man just dont go there.
yeah... just a stupid mistake... are u saying they are a bad company for just 1 letter why dont u look to another that has a 600 dollars console!
Its Nintendo trying to be street
besides no one on heres serious about sponge bob
OZ EM G!!!11

Nintendo misplaced TWO letters!!! Wtf burn them!!!