Ps3 to explode 2008? MGS4? Exclusive interview with Sony


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Dec 19, 2006
lol good ol Kit and Michael.. i always knew something was going on between those two!

i still need to play MGs2-3 the first was awesome... i should play some old NES metal gear lol... mgs2-3 were relesed for PS2 right?

not trying to derail the thread.. sorry

Mar 9, 2007
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Heres something I like. After Sony left E3, they had their Gamers Day event. It cost them a fraction of the price, they had more media to show and no interuptions and no drama. Looks like leaving E3 was a good move.

^ they have posted a ton of new footage of the PS3 games coming out. Many exclusives and some new features. At one point the first 8 pages were mostly all ps3. Not bad at all.

After watching more video on the Eye of Judgement, sony has shown they have something new and innovative to equally match the wiimoteplay. I like the way gaming is progressing for both companies. Those japanese companies really bring innovation to the table first. Good show. The ps3 is far from dead after watching whats in store for the console.

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