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Mario Famous

Mr. Nintendo
Jun 5, 2006
Mushroom Kingdom
Does any1 here dabbles in Gfx? Well I do and I make sigs, avatars and other things. The sig and avatar I have now I made. I made this thread so me and you all can show some of your gfx work (preferably sigs and avatars)

I'll start it off, here is some of my work.

the avatars in the selectable choices formatted like mine to the left are my work

also i've done this one and use it a few other places
depends wat you want most of my stuff is sprites like

made a simple sign for some one on here

to simple for me but cuolndt find a load of pics of the front light of it
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Man, you really like Disgaea dont you? I think Nippon Ichi makes the best Tactical RPG's. Here is one of my first sigs I've ever made.

...Crap, I couldnt find the Disgaea one I've is another earlier sig then.

well i tend to work off sprites


be warned i got loads of self made gifs
Lol, I wish I had photoshop or something, there should be something where u can make ur sigs free online.
sorry, could only post 4 images per post. anyways here are some more


^^^^^ made that background from scratch