Top 10 RPG's of all time

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Jul 3, 2006
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10. Grandia II: ps2
9.Fable: Xbox
8.Xenogears: ps1
7.Xenosaga: ps2
6. Final Fantasy VII: ps1
5Knights of the Old Repulic: X Box
4Ominusa: ps2
3Arc The Lad: ps2
2Final Fantasy X: ps2
1Star Ocean Till the end of Time: ps2

Warning Playing all games on these list could cause head to explode with video game greatness
Waaaaait a second. Before i actually post what are my favorite top 10 rpgs ever, i have to ask: is this a "factual"list or a "what do you think?" list?
Sorry. I guess i do hold a grudge, but also i dont want to start another argument. ok then....
NOTICE: If all RPGs turn out to be by nintendo, it is probably cuz i havent played any by others.

10.Final Fantasy II GBA-port/NES
9.Final Fantasy I-GBA port/NES
8..... oh god have i even played 10 RPGS?
8.Mario&Luigi PIT-DS
7. Earthbound-SNES
6. Chrono Trigger-SNES
5.Secret of Mana-SNES
4.Mario&Luigi SS-GBA
3.Tales of Symphonia-GCN
2.Tales of Phantasia-GBA Port/SNES
1.Final Fantasy Tactics Advance-GBA
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Wut about Runescape? Jk, I condemned that game 2 yrs. ago to spend eternity in hell, don't worry:lol: Seriously though....god damit ppl! Pokemon wasn't on any of ur guys's lists! How dare u ppl!

Under construction...
oh right, forgot pokemon. And as for FFIII, i have never played it. i plan on getting the updated version for ds. BUT REALLY, you guys have to play Tales of Phantasia. It is just AMAZING.

By the way, i can name the worst rpg on my list.

#300000000000000-Super Monkey Ball adventure. Terrible, shitty game. please dont play.
I herd dat'!:p I nvr played it but I just hate Supermonkeyball period so...ya.
Hmmm, I only ever liked these RPGS:

1) Star Wars KOTOR
2) Jade Empire
3) Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced
4) Pokemon (GBA Series)

And is Zelda considered a RPG?
WTF?!?!?!? its all about the red and blue versions fool!!!! omg... i cant believe you said gba series.
Well, out of the RPGs I've played, here's my favourites:

10. Dragon Quest VIII
9. Final Fantasy IX
8. Skies of Arcadia
7. Vagrant Story
6. Tales of Symphonia
5. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
4. Final Fantasy VII
3. Final Fantasy VI
2. Xenogears
1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

sKin said:
And is Zelda considered a RPG?

Some people would call it an RPG, but there's no levelling up and stats in it, so I wouldn't class it as one.
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Yeah an RPG would requies your charachter to start from a level 1 or a simliar one and thorugh battles you gain expeirence points and level up gainging new moves along the way and also Link didn't have a party with him like in most RPGS