True or False

True. ... It's not like I was the cause or anythin' though. Nope. Definitely not. Never. Ya can trust ol' 'Karpy... :)


Next poster has never played on a Wii console.


Next poster has battled an addiction and successfully won.

Software piracy

Software =/= music. :lol:

... Piracy is much worse than simply cheatin' in a game. Stealing a win isn't as lawless as outright stealin'. I sincerely hope ya were jokin', bro. :lol:
Only if Derpanese counts.

If the next poster traveled the world, fine dining on otherwise unobtainable ethnic cuisines would be high on their to-do list.
Absolutely true - love "local" foods from around the world, sans bugs...

Next poster has seen their own bones sticking out of their skin when they got injured?

Halloween is approaching!
False. I've seen my own bone 'fore but not outside the body, lucky me. :lol:

Next poster has no regrets when doin' a candy binge on Halloween.
True! That's what the holiday is for, candy binges! Trick or Treat!

Next poster has seen someone mangled in a car accident??
Well ain't this thread taken a dark turn? :lol: False. Never been in one, and the few crashes I've seen had the body already removed or no one horribly wounded.

Next poster lives in the moment.

Next poster has disdain for how often iEverything electronics are "updated" with "new releases" constantly.
False. Neo, you got the wrong thread duh duh duh duh duh duh duh...

Next poster would like to see Neosquid die a horrible, painful death by being dropped in a giant vat of boiling oil?
False. Magikarp does not need to be found nor looked for, as my Lord is everywhere and everything.

Next poster loves kittens.