True or False

False. I am holding my breath on all Wii U items until I see more reviews post-launch.

Next poster has their driver's license.
Does bein' pale as a dead man count?

Next poster would game much more often if they could find the time.
False. That is the LAST thing I need to spend more time doing!

Next poster thinks Red Bull tastes like cough medicine.
True. Loves me some card games; and, at least some values for winnin' Black Jack are controllable. Roulette ain't nothin' but luck obviously.

Next poster has forgotten to save their game (within the past year) after doin' somethin' they'd really prefer t' not do over.
True, to a degree. Rather, I saved on the wrong spot of the Phoenix Wright - Justice For All with my health bar at a very low percentage, so I had to restart the entire chapter.
So I guess I forgot to save in the right spot, eh?

The next poster probably wouldn't mind seein' Megaman in the next Smash Bros.
True. Particularly Zero.

Next poster gets irked when their posts start with every word capitalized, even if it would be grammatically correct.