True or False

False. Get the hell out, no one missed you ya egotistical scrub.

I KEED! :lol:

Next poster wouldn't know what t' do with themselves if they went a week without electricity.
Nice house. Worse comes to worse, I'd rather have a nice house and take the bus than have a nice car and live on the street. Bah humbug.

Next poster has never made their own "haunted house" for Halloween.
True. The only shits I give 'bout Halloween is ****in' with everyone, not the theme of it all. :lol: /protroll

Next poster has at least some knowledge related to computer hackin' 'n crackin'.
True. And let me tell ya, layin' in a hospital (without a handheld) bores me to the brink of insanity. ;______;

Next poster has too many bad habits.
True. I find most cuisine from the Eastern hemisphere quite palatable.

Next poster has donated to a charity(s) many times.