True or False

True. But it is impossible to put into words... although some of the "objections" above come close! Nice ones!

Next poster has ever actually been to court...?
No, and I intend t' stay as far away from any court of law as bloody possible. 'Cause if I end up in one that either means jail time, or extremely unbearable boredom. :lol:

Next poster is sick of 'Merica's incredibly broken justice system (not even countin' the corruption, mind you).
True. Any system that has its most powerful judges appointed and is filled with get the idea...

Next poster has been sued...?
True...I'd go forward in time and get the next winning Powerball lottery number, then come back with it to this time...and give it to charity...

Next poster likes Juicy Fruit gum?
Tralse. Couldn't care less really. :lol:

Next poster would use superpowers selfishly moreso than selflessly.
False - the whole point of having superpowers would be to help others.

Next poster thinks the cartoons of the 90s were better than those of today?
About 50% true. Depends on the day and what I'm working on.

Next poster wishes they had a different job than what they do now?