True or False

You monster. I loves me some science, but hate math. I also enjoy English and history, though... aaaaggggghhhhhh the choice

True, though only barely. Since science lets me blow **** up 'n do other crazy things. Woefully crunchin' numbers is worth bein' a mad scientist. :D

Next poster doesn't understand why the typical potato chip (bland, oily as all hell, and terribly unhealthy; ohai Lays) is so damn popular.

TRUE. THAT GETS ON My nerves a lot! I TOtally Agreeee...

False. But I Was Really Close To Doing That One Time Ago.

Neither of these are grammatically correct. u fail it
False. The chip is popular because it tastes good! Betcha' can't eat just one!

Next poster knows how to build their own computer.
False, though it wouldn't be hard for me t' learn.

Next poster cares more for the end rather than the means.
Tralse. Like hell I could choose either one, 'specially when they're perfect together. ;_;

Next poster has had a dinner so damn good they won't of forgotten it 10 years from now.
Next poster has a favorite number.

Neither of these are grammatically correct. u fail it
False. I ain't much for TV.

Next poster would be quite the angry sod if quality music simply stopped existin' due to overzealous piracy.
True. Software piracy is up there with game hacking...not cool.

Next poster would rather give up a leg than an arm.
True, and cuts off your leg for not directly answering the last question. *CHOP*

Next poster has seen someone die/get killed in real life.