TV/Video game/Movie series that NEED to stop

Things They Should Stop In My Opinion -


  • Power Rangers. They've gone on long enough with far too many different seasons.

  • Pokémon. Before someone attacks me with something sharp for saying it, I like Pokémon.. But the vast majority of them are all exactly the same. They could do with a different direction other than the standard collect 'em all, beat the gym leaders, beat the evil team (Rocket, Magma, Aqua whichever is featured in the particular game).

  • Twilight Saga. Even the majority of people I know who've dedicated time to reading the books and who love them confess the film saga is just utterly, terribly done.
  • Shrek and Toy Story. This could go for any Disney film series. Endless unrequired sequels.
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TV:lost(self explanatory)
Movie:Scary/epic/superhero/disaster movies(not that funny, just stupid poop jokes)
game:Medal Of Honor:yup, i sad sucked,airborne was intense,mulitplayer doesnt match up to battlefield and cock of duty
I agree with you But I also would like to add to it.

TV: The simpsons (sorry simpsons fans, but the show is really old and lame now, and needs to DIE!)

Movie: The twilight movies (twilight sucks bad, and they just killed the vampire genre. Vampires are suppost to be scary, not romantic pu!!$%)

Games: I have more than 1 game that needs to die already. Please kill the resident evil series already. They get worse as they make more. Stop the Sonic series, or make them better! Stop the War games PLEASE! I'm sick of cock of duty, mental of honor, etc. the grand theft auto games are lame now too. It's time to move on to something new. ea needs to die, every game they make sucks. madden games need to be changed and a different company needs to make them better. smackdown vs. raw games suck too. the last wwf game I liked was wwf no mercy! after that it died!
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TV: Total Drama series It's on CN, it had teen humor, BAN!
Movie: Don't care.
Game: Call of Duty, Halo, & The CURRENT Sonic series, for it was THAT that was bad.
TV: Stupid Comedy/Thriller/Action shows
Game: ???