who is the best swordsmen in ssbb?


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ok i need someones opinion on whos the best swordsmen in super smash bros.brawl. it is between these characters

2.toon link
3.meta knight
6.pit...i dont know if what he uses are even swords or not.

if some of you want to add roy from super smash bros.melee thats fine too. you also need to explain why you think this swordsmen is better and please be specific about it. well...alot of my friends tell me different things on this matter and honestly...i think its either between ike or marth but thats my opinion anyway. so...anyone want to shead some light in this matter?
Ike and marth are probably the best swords men.There the only on people who have reversals.(For swords men).Ike has so much strength.Marth also has a lot speed.
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Normally I'd laugh hard at this, but Sking wants an actual debate up here, so I won't be a douche and be all tier about this.

I'll take the generic stance of tiers (without relying on tier placement itself to support my statement), and say Meta Knight is the best.

Meta Knight's most redeeming feature is his renowned attack speed, or better known as, priority. Ike's charging up his Forward smash for a KO? Lulz. I can just uses Meta's Forward Tilt, which has practically the same (or more) range as Ike's attack, cancel his attack, and begin a rape combo.

Sneaking up behind me after I used a slow and laggy attack (F-smash, anyone?)? Take a Down smash, and if it's a fresh attack and you're roughly around 80%, at the edge of the stage, you're dead.

His priority, as shown in examples above, give him the insane ability to almost always foil an opponent's attack (or counterattack) with often easy prediction (D-smash hitting both sides very quickly, Mach Tornado having nasty priority and lots of range on both sides, etc.), while dealing damage, and possibly leading to a combo and/or a KO. Meta's speed is unmatched by any character what-so-ever.

Next, his recovery. Multiple jumps, and 3 ways to get back on the stage. Up B, his Shuttle Loop, gives him a second glide for unparraleled horizontal recovery. You can send him straight off the stage, without making him rise up and he isn't KO'd off stage, and he'll make it back. Next, the Drill Rush (Side B) has a suprisingly useful feature in Meta jumping backwards once it ends. You can be under the stage and Drill Rush from beneath, tilt your flying direction upwards, and then jump backwards onto the ledge. Broken.

Finally, his Mach Tornado gives him fast, and protective horizontal and slightly vertical recovery. Very few attacks break through, you almost HAVE to give Meta space if he does this from your left or right. Unless you have a spiking (Meteor Smashing) move and you're very quick (lolganon), Meta's getting back on the stage.

Those multiple jumps also make him more broken through the method of gimping; attacking a player while they're offstage to keep them from recovering. His Down air has a wide range, is very quick, and when sweetspotted, sends them diagonally down. He can do this multiple times before being forced back to the stage too; no character at all is safe from Meta; even someone like Pit (if one attack hits him, he's dead) or ROB (if you can ROB, you can stall him out with D-air's, his Up B isn't infinite, after all) can be gimped. Not to mention when close to the stage, his Up B hits them hard, and at a very horizontal angle (and slightly downwards if sweetspotted, which is easy to do for this move), which can KO midweights at around 50% near the edge of the stage. Hardly fair.

In the air or on the ground, he has crazy speed, and many options to pummel you with. He has priority over everyone, making him near unbeatable if you can't outpredict him (which proves true in high level, competitive matches). He can gimp people at 0% for a an effective but entirely gay kill (I've seen it happen many times in pro matches).

Since he can gimp, he doesn't need KO power, either; which he still has enough of with a well predicted Forward smash, a Nuetral Air, or a Shuttle Loop.

Who has everything he does? Ike can't kill anyone at 0% without a lucky combo, which is hard to pull off since he's slow and few in quick attacks. Even Marth doesn't match Meta's priority; Marth even has a disadvantage against Meta. Toon Link has projectiles, but Meta's speed and priority get him past the stalling, and pummels him upclose; yes, Meta has a proven advantage against Toon Link too.

Even Pit has the same problems as Toon Link, just less severe. With only one slow-activating projectile, as well as only a few prioritized moves, Pit will have a rough time.

I lol @ slow ass Link fighting a Meta. 'Nuff said.

Meta is the best Swordsman in Brawl, none the less, the best character entirely.
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hmmm thats a very broad statement CK and i mean literally :thumbsup:. judging by this brief explanation of meta knight and his abilities, i take it meta knight must be your main am i right?
hmmm i dont see anything problems with your theory of meta knights abillities against other swordsman...maybe he IS the best...or is he :wink5: we'll found out shortly people
well Teir-wise Meta is best in Brawl period and Marth was the best swordsman in Melee.

but by my opinion i say Toon Link in Brawl and Roy in Melee.

In Melee it was all Marth! Marth! Marth! I personally found Roy to be better, able to get through what my Marth couldn't with ease. His sword was best at close range and his speed was average but he was powerful. his counter was massive damage, his Flare Blade(Neutral-B) could be full charged for a 1-hit KO(though not likely against another player) and his Sword Dance was just as fast as Marth's. I found him useful in all the same situations and more where power was needed. I made it my personal goal to knock Marth off his throne and put Roy there. I never accomplished it though but local Smashers knew to fear my Roy.

in Brawl I say Toon Link is best. His moves are more versitale then Meta's and he can be prepared for any situation. his weight, recovery and spike are his only weak points but sadly against Meta or Snake there the only weak points needed. Still I've always said Toon for Top Teir. I've even written a very comprehensive guide about Toon Link(See CKs Character Guide Thread)
ok i need someones opinion on whos the best swordsmen in super smash bros.brawl.

You writing a report or something? Your job depends on it? Trying to impress a lady with your Brawl knowledge? Just wondering why this knowledge is on a "need" level.

It's MetaKnight by the way.
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:wtf: bodine...this has nothing to do with whatever the hell you just said. the only reason i started this thread was to find who IS the best swordsman through my opinion and other peoples opinion about it. if you think meta knight is the can you explain yourself
overall you should ignore about 90% of Bodine's posts in the Brawl section cause they're mostly about how he thinks Brawl sucks. I really just glance and if he hates on Brawl within the first two lines i ignore it. trust me you'll avoid a lot of arguements with this.
mmm I think Meta Knight or Pit is cuz overall everything about them is good and they don't really lack in anything.
Funny, if I don't put "lol" or a :lol: in any of my posts everyone assumes I'm being an ass... LOL

And I didn't say Brawl sucks in my post. I never said Brawl sucks if you think about it, only that it's not as good as Melee.
Funny, if I don't put "lol" or a :lol: in any of my posts everyone assumes I'm being an ass... LOL

And I didn't say Brawl sucks in my post. I never said Brawl sucks if you think about it, only that it's not as good as Melee.

People still keep going on about this? Yes, melee is better, and will always be, but brawl is still a fun game to play.

"Melee is dead, Brawl is the future, accept it" - Xyro77

on topic, MK is the best swordsmen. But I dont find him, as good as he used to be anymore.
Come on people everyone know's it's MK
The Broken Midget Bat -_-
I don't use him much though i like Ike & Marth better.
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Link is my favorite, but best SWORDSMAN? Marth. He only uses his sword (no silly fire-attacks. I'm looking at YOU, Ike) and his final smash is a one-hit kill sword slash. Pretty awesome.