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Metroid Prime 3 Review

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by CantGetAWii, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. CantGetAWii

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    Dec 22, 2006
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    Corruption Is Spreading To Wii​

    Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption, easily the best looking Wii game so far (Zelda, the Gamecube port was the best one to date) and arguably the best Wii game overall so far. It also shows the potential for more great first person shooters to come to the Wii, and can also be called an adventure title, as you tend to use your head in a lot of places.

    Right away you are immersed into the action as you start off on Samus's ship.
    The action, not surprisingly gets even better from there, every second is worth playing. The Boss Battles are great, and have you using all kinds of different abilities to defeat them. I am not going to give away any of the plot, but the story is well put together, and never gets confusing or dull.

    The environments in this game are vast, and are simply put..Beautiful. So much detail was clearly put into this game. Everywhere you go, you will constantly look at everything on the planets, as it all looks so good.

    The game also sees some great voice acting, very nicely put together, and adds even more to the game. Listening to commands, or finding out whats happening never sounded so better. The only one not talking is Samus.

    Controls ​

    The controls are great, and do not take any time to get used to. You have the option of changing the controls around, the default controls are A to shoot, B to jump. You can choose to switch those around, making A to jump and B to fire, which gives you more of that gun feeling.

    Nunchuck is used to controls Samus, remote is your gun. Simple, but fun.


    Metroid Prime 3 allows you to purchase extras with the points you get when either scanning enemies or various other things. You can buy songs from the game, artwork, etc.

    Also, you can trade and share points with a friend, adding more to the experience of an already great game.


    This game is a must have for all Wii owners. Fans of previous Metroid games will not be disappointed. However, if you have not played one in the past don't frown, this game allows anyone to understand it, but trust me the other games are good as well, and worth a play.

    Upgrades for your suit, and ship etc. are spread out very nicely, and backtracking that was a problem in the other games, is not a problem here, the backtracking in Prime adds to the game even more.

    The only complaint I would have is, despite being around 20 hours or more, I would have liked to see the last game of the series a bit longer than 20 hours.
    Could have been better than it is.

    Still, this is the no doubt the best Wii game out there.
    Surely we have not seen the last of Samus, but if we have well..like the saying goes, she went out in a blaze of glory.

    Rating (score out of /10 + 1-2 sentence summary on your decision).

    Presentation 9/10
    Game is presented very well, but some things like the cover could use a little tweaking.
    Graphics 10/10
    Like I said before, this is easily the best looking "built from the ground up" Wii game.
    Sounds 9/10
    The music in the levels was really well done, but the boss battle music could have been a bit better.
    Gameplay 10/10
    Everything from the bosses, backtracking and just killing simple enemies was a smooth and fun process.
    Future Playability 9/10
    New modes are unlocked for you to try out, and trading earned points with friends is still there, but after the modes have all been done there is not much left there for you to do.

    Overall 47/50
    Worth the purchase, and fans of other Metroid titles will not be disappointed.

    Metroid Prime 3, in stores today, pick it up :thumbsup:
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  2. CyanRussel

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    Good Post.....that could help alot of ppl out who thought the game sucked

    You get a Special "R" from me....

    Can you guess what that "R" is...? Im pretty sure you already know what it is!
  3. Byuakuya

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    Jan 14, 2007
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    Soul Society
    It is a pretty cool review. Short and sweet. Nicely done. :)

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