another wifi mess up on nintendos part?


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
Wii Online Code
when i went to gamestop just now i was looking at the new games for the nintend ds, OH and by the way, cooking mama is out at a rate of 19.99 plus tax which i thought was cool, ill have to buy that tomorrow... but anyways i saw that there was another game there that had a wifi symbol in the uper right hand corner of the box, and it was a game for the movie called "open season.... i looked on the back and it didnt say anything aboutt he wifi connection... and i think the game was for sale already so maybe nintendo messed up again?... becaue they did a simmilar thing with the paper in the starfox box saying mario hoops was wifi, or maybe it was a last minute wifi title?... i dunno .... anyone else notive this?
most of the WFC games don't say anything aobut the WiFi on the back. If they don't it's usually a good sign that there's nothing special about playing online vs. single player, but it's an option as long as the dot is there.