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I say 8th grade is the best year oin middle school. Your at the top at the food chain and you have more activities
tijuana1 said:
I say 8th grade is the best year oin middle school. Your at the top at the food chain and you have more activities
it is because you get treated like high schoolers, or at least in my middle scool you did, you didnt have to stand in any line (6th and 7th grade you stood in line to go to lunch, the library and everywhere) and you didnt have to raise your hand for anything (once again, 6th and 7th grade you had to) and the open class discussions were better because your more mature
Man, 8th grade for me was awesome. Not only did i not have to do **** in any of my classes, but i also came to school about 40 minutes late every day. Not because i was tired, but because i knew there was nothing my first period teacher could do about it other then complain. Eventually she got pretty pissed and wrote to my parents about how i was doing this wrong, and that wrong. It was a pretty long paper, i would say about a page long...

But other then that, my 5th period teacher got pregnant a few months into the school year, so we had a sub for the rest of year in that class. The dude was pretty cool. All he would do was talk about random ****, then we would leave. I also made about 120+ paper airplanes in that class with some other kids that sat next to me, and we all ended up throwing them in this narrow hallway after school. :lol:

But yeah, as i said, 8th grade was awesome. Just have fun and everything will be alright. :lol:
meh, I doubt anything will be easier then my senior year. Looking forward to it...
I just got back from the registration dealie, and I got a bunch of classes I didn't want. :( And some that I wanted I didn't get. (Web Design 2, and Word Processing) :( At least I got the two programming classes.......oh, and I have to share my locker with some weird kid. I don't know who he is, but the description they gave of him is that he has an earring......:wtf:
Would someone please explain what the process of schooling is in the States? Because I don't really get it, like how old you are in each year, and with choosing classes? In return, here is how the English system works...

Primary School (Compulsary)
-Reception (Ages 4-5)
-Year 1 (Ages 5-6)
-Year 2 (Ages 6-7) --> SATs
-Year 3 (Ages 7-8)
-Year 4 (Ages 8-9)
-Year 5 (Ages 9-10)
-Year 6 (Ages 10-11) --> SATs

Secondary School (Compulsary)
-Year 7 (Ages 11-12)
-Year 8 (Ages 12-13)
-Year 9 (Ages 13-14) --> SATs
-Year 10 (Ages 14-15) --> Choose GCSE 'options', i.e. 10/11 subjects: Math, English (Lit + Lang), Science (Combined or Seperate) compulsary.
-Year 11 (Ages 15-16) --> GCSE exams in May

You can now leave school and get a job, an apprenticeship, or continue onto higher education (below).

6th Form College (Acceptance dependent on GCSE grades, often 5 A-Cs (A-C in Math, English and Science required, can resit if failed)...choose 3/4 subjects to study)
-Year 12 (or 'Lower 6th', ages 16-17) --> 'AS' Level Exams in January (can be retaken in June) and exams in June (can be retaken in January of Year 13). Passes (A-E) are required to carry on into Year 13. Can drop the 4th subject if you want
-Year 13 (or 'Upper 6th', ages 17-18) --> 'A2' (or just 'A') Level Exams in January (can be retaken in June) and exams in June

You can now do what you like - get a job, an apprenticeship, or go to University (depending on whether you get the 6th Form grades required by the University to take the course you desire).

I think that's everything!
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im in scotland to but dont have 2 go back till 20th

and yeah our school has uniform

5th n 6th years (im 6th (last year of school)) have to wera scool blazer, shirt , school tie black shoes n trousers

sux 2 b me
We had to wear a uniform in Primary School, which was just trousers, a white shirt and school tie or a white polo neck, and a school jumper. Then in Secondary School the uniform was black trousers, white shirt, school tie (more specifically, a 'house' tie), and a blazer with school badge. And in 6th Form we had to look smart, i.e. a suit, which was fine with me, I love wearing suits and looking the business :cool:
Now I'm in Uni, we can obviously wear whatever we want. I miss wearing a suit though :(