Bring your end of the world predictions here!


I dared to google google.
Feb 2, 2008
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My other thread on the world ending on march 9th!!! gave me this idea :lol:

Well the title says it all.
So when do you think the world will end?
If you guess right you'll get a cookie :D

Bodine 7/19/09
Rob64 12/21/2012
Elopez994 12/21/2012
Chewy 12/22/2012
The Storm 06/06/2016
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Who'll give me my cookie? xD

I honestly think the Mayans had it right: 12/21/2012
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Remember everyone it doesn't have to be what you heard you can also take a guess but if you believe someone is right (Like the mayans) You can go with that as well :D

Everyone will panic the day before but then nothing will happen.
Then it'll catch everyone off guard the next day.

my moms the Devil, her birthday is June 6, 1966. :lol:

nice avy Elopez
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No idea. But it's fun to freak ou easily scared people! I almost gave my friend a nervous breakdown in class on the day of the Large Hadron Collider xD.

Oh, and the sun will explode and swallow up every planet before mars... Thats the real deal guys.