food that makes you go mmmmmm


Jul 29, 2006
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well this is a thread that is basically were you post your favourite food and maybe a recipe well ill start my favourite is tuna mornae well that me im just curious of all the different types of food people would eat
pizza and to top it off a nice bowl of ice cream:smilewinkgrin:
Fish and chips
or chilli

Edit : A full egnlish breakfast
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ganondorf234 said:
chocolate and K.F.C.

I'm pretty sure you mean separately... but I hope you mean together 'cos that would be AWESOME!

I like lots of food, and I love trying new thing but my favourite is probably black pudding (blutwurst).
Black puding
old dryed pigs blood
tis part of a full english
and if anyone says MC Donalds they have no taste buds rather go to burger king or a burger van