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Nov 19, 2009
Venice, CA
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Gunslingers ~ The Black Ops & GoldenEye Clan for Adults





Are you interested in socializing with GoldenEye 007 players your age but haven't been able to "weed out" all the adolescent players? Have you been unable to join traditional, time-consuming clans because, being responsible adult, you have had to juggle your free time with going to college, taking care of children, or being employed in a full time job? In short, are you interested in an online experience akin to "shooting the bull" with a group of drinking buddies? If so, then GoldenEye 007 Gunslingers is the right place for you!



We are fortunate to have nearly 1,000 adults registered on our homepage, and GoldenEye007 Friend Code Master List that is growing by the day.
We have a large collection of parents. We have the large collection of college students. And we have the large collection of the working men (and women) members.

If you would like to join the club, you need only to fulfill two things:
  1. Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  2. Register your membership at our forum: • Index page
That's it! We don't ask for resumes, kill/death ratios, probation periods, or any other sort of silliness. You just want to have fun, right? So do we! If you would like to learn more about membership with the Gunslingers, feel free to visit our "How To Join" page of at our website.



We like to ascribe the Gunslinger experience akin to having drinks with some buds after work or partying with them on the weekends. Nothing stops the music faster than a few knuckleheads, so we do have a few guidelines we expect people to follow during their stay:

  • Pornographic and/or obscene material is prohibited.
  • Self promotion by new members will likely be treated as spam. This includes promotion of own non-commercial websites.
  • No personal attacks on other members or various sorts of offensive behavior is allowed.
  • No glitching/hacking/cheating. We define such as purposefully accessing the game's programming or abusing a flaw in the programming to achieve an act or status that is not intended or possible otherwise.


The Gunslingers experience is as simple and non intrusive as joining up with other adults your own age and playing some GoldenEye 007 at your convenience. For those of you who like to take part in activities, events, and communications beyond that simple formula, we offer several popular, optional features as well:

Forum ~we discuss everything under the sun within our extensive forums~

Chat ~we use our multiple chats to find out when members are playing, exchange contact information, or for some friendly chit-chat~

Frosty Pints ~our infamous weekend get-togethers fueled by booze~

Tournament Sundays ~A different game tournament every Sunday~

Event Calendar ~Our handy calendar that lets you view and sign up for Gunslinger Events~

Arcade ~Play classic arcade games such as Frogger and Pac-Man with GS member exclusive leaderboards~

Blog ~Read interviews given exclusively to the Gunslingers~

...and much, much more!
Thank you for taking the time to view our clan's topic! I wish you the best in your GoldenEye 007 endeavors!

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Gunslingers, we have, as of tonight, achieved an incredible milestone for our group.


All adults. All looking to keep the gaming experience fun, casual, and (above all) at their convenience. I humbly and sincerely thank you all for your consistent dedication in keeping our intended atmosphere alive. I can do all the recruiting in the world boasting of that merit, but it is all of you who, every day, make my claims true.

For all of you reading this who have yet to join the fastest growing clan exclusively for adults, I invite you to join our pub. We know that life can tug you in many difference directions, so you value your bouts of escapism. We honor and fundamentally relate to that wish by keeping your experience with us as simple and unobtrusive as possible while, at the same time, securing an atmosphere of maturity. Over 1,000 members can't be wrong, and we are all looking to enrich the gaming experience for our fellow adult gamers even more.

We are literally on the eve prior to the Black Ops release and we are getting our feet wet with GoldenEye 007. We would like you to be there with us from the very beginning.

Gunslingers Founder
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The second night of our (in)famous Frosty Pints festivals are still raging! For all you adults looking for a group who celebrate the weekend with some brews, headsets, and rounds of GoldenEye 007.

Join the most active, fastest growingGoldenEye 007 Clan specifically for all the parent and working people out there!

The Gunslingers.
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Saturday night Frosty Pints is here! We have a lot to celebrate at the Gunslingers. We now have over 1,200 members, it is a Holiday weekend for our American members, folks are finally exclusively running and gunning with fellow adults, and, hell, it is the weekend!

So, if you are at least 18 years of age and looking for a group of folks who treat the GoldenEye 007 experience akin to hanging out with a bunch of drinking buddies, we invite you to join the pub otherwise known as Gunslinger Gaming.

The Gunslingers: The GoldenEye 007 Clan for Parents and Working Adults.
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Wednesday is upon us again, Gunslingers! It is time for our Hump Day tradition: New Member Round Up! For those of you unaware of it, we at the Gunslingers like to tip our hats every Wednesday to all the fellow adults who have honored us with their membership.

With that in mind, Gunslingers, lend welcome to the following folks who have made our posse all that much stronger in the last seven days:

Marshal Jed Cooper
Slow Poke
Morbid Wolf
o Frodaddy o

THAT IS 54 NEW MEMBERS IN JUST 7 DAYS!!! Thank you all for joining, and welcome to the Gunslingers!

If you are an adult who is looking to escape all the silly clan obligations, member probation periods, or practices and wars scheduled at your inconvenience and with kids you would never be forced to game with otherwise, then the Gunslinger Gaming is your perfect oasis! We are the fastest growing gaming group specifically for all us adults looking to play at our convenience and just have fun. We at the Gunslingers can perfectly relate to the notion that you can only game after taking care of children and after work. As the largest Nintendo Wii clan specifically for parents and working adults, you will be with good company!

GoldenEye 007.
Black Ops.
Mario Kart Wii.

The Gunslingers.
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Imagine it. The kiddies toss restlessly in bed on Christmas Eve with visions of candy canes and video games dancing in their heads. They pop out of bed the second there is a single ray of daylight creeping over the horizon because, as we all know, gift unwrapping is fair game once morning has officially arrived.

So, they run down the stairs, dive under the tree, and declare their bounty! Cheers strike through the air of "Mario Kart Wii", "GoldenEye 007", and "Black Ops"! Oh, what a joyous time! They can't wait to pop in their new games and burn through Christmas vacation.

Well, bah-freakin'-humbug because the Gunslingers will be there.

And we have some raiding to do.

Between now and the New Year's Eve, take part in the Gunslinger tradition of changing our in-game names to something festive, grabbing some eggnog, and raiding the public matches! Whether you are playing Mario Kart Wii, GoldenEye 007, or Black Ops, you are invited! Just use the GS tag and change your name to something of the Holiday spirit! Remember to stop by the GS Chat to get your GS Christmas Raids organized!

Use this topic to post what names you will be going by during the event, swap funny stories as you meet up with your fellow GS members, and, if inclined, post gameplay videos you have taken during these meet-ups! Here is an excellent example of last year's festive events:

You can find me in game as GS*McScrooge.
How do you get good guns from the mystery box in zombies black ops. Guns such A's the wunderwaffle, ray gun, thundergun, and winters howl. I see people who get these guns on their first try every match. So how can you increase your chance in getting these gun.
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Currently, our American members at the Gunslingers are watching the Super Bowl. Dare I venture a "Go, Green Bay!"? Whichever team they are rooting for, there is a common Super Bowl tradition: the drinks and the food. With that in mind, here are the latest Gunslinger updates:

The Buffalo Wings - The Gunslinger Games Awards are almost to an end. The voting polls close on the 7th, so make your voice heard in fifteen different categories!

The Chips and Dip - Last night's Black Ops Bar League matches were quite a success! If you missed out on the fun, you are welcome to join the party in Week 3 of the Bar League this coming Thursday in the "There Can Only Be ONE Highlander!" edition. The honor of blades and the sorcery of killstreaks are the focus of this one.

The Six Pack of Beer - 2010 was an amazing year for the Gunslingers, and we would like to celebrate that fact with a Give-Away Prize to all our current and potential members. Throughout the entire month of February, new and old members can enter their name in a drawing to win the "Recent Classics Bundle," which include new, unopened copies of the following PC games:
Assassin's Creed
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
FarCry 2
Prince of Persia
RainbowSix Vegas 2

Go, Gunslingers!

The GoldenEye 007 Clan for Adults.
The Mario Kart Wii Clan for Adults.
The Call of Duty: Black Ops Clan for Adults.

Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.

*Become a member of GS by registering an account in our forums.
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So professional! Great job in this amazing clan.No need to say good luck here :p see that McMurphy slinger name slaped on dem wanted notices around these type of forum parts! You slingers roll with wars much?

Thank you for the kind workds, Dav! In regards to wars, no, we don't engage in formal clan wars in effort to keep keen on being a casual, mature group. We do enjoy the opportunities of a friendly paring via random public matches.

While I am here, I would like to share our most recent clan update made on this Valentine's Day:

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Here are some updates taking place at the Gunslingers this Monday:

Valentiner - In celebration of the Valentine's Day holiday, we have installed the Gold Miner inspired game, "Valentiner," to the custom Gunslinger Gaming Arcade. It is also part of our tradition of installing a new arcade to our ever growing, exclusive library of on-site games, complete with leaderboards. Unlike the freeware sites floating around, our selection is not pre-loaded, and we are able to install a selection of games uniquely our own! Try it out for yourself!

GS Member Spotlight - Welcome to the very first edition of the latest Gunslinger Gaming tradition: Member Spotlight! Each month, we randomly select a member proven to be active in the Gunslinger Gaming Forums or Chats and interview them. This new feature allows for all of us to get to know our fellow parent/adult gamer better and encourage game contacts swapping. Before we go any further, we should tip our hats to Gunslinger member, Fist of Metal. He is the one that came up with this idea, and it would not be possible without his brainstorming. We are starting the new GS Member Spotlight this month by interviewing none other than the awesome Balki! He seemed like a perfect candidate to kick things off considering he has recently celebrated his two year anniversary of being a member here at Gunslinger Gaming. Check it out in the GS Blog!

Member Milestone - We start the second week of February with officially having over 1,700 members! Thank you all for choosing The Gunslingers as the number one home for parent and hard working adult gamers! We are currently recruiting and invite anyone old enough to remember the original broadcasts of MacGuyver to join us via registering a forum account at our homesite and start chilling with a group of gamers that treat the gaming experience akin to hanging out with a bunch of drinking buddies after work and on the weekends.

The GoldenEye 007 Clan for Adults.
The Black Ops Clan for Adults.
The Mario Kart Wii Clan for Adults.

The Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.
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At the Gunslingers, we have adults from all walks of Earth. Some are construction workers. Some are school teachers. Some are animators. Some are office assistants. Some are biochemists. Some are military officers. And some are musicians. Case in point: The GS* member, Mxyzptlk. He, a GS* Nintendo Wii member, has been kind enough to share two of his songs he composed under the artist name, Schmukrock. Both "Shotgun Bonnie" and "Daddy's Footsteps" are now featured in the Gunslinger Gaming Jukebox, which is located on every one of our chat pages. We welcome everyone to check out the GS Jukebox because its playlist is comprised entirely of music created by various Gunslinger members. As a 1,700 member clan for adults, we greatly value the fact that we all come from different parts of the globe, different backgrounds, different professions, and different hobbies beyond the gaming experience that ties us all together. Not only do we welcome it, we champion it.

That sentiment brings us to our weekly tradition of giving a very public shout-out to all new Gunslingers to join our posse in the last seven days. Tip your hat to the following folks:
The Direwolf
remo williams75

Welcome to the Gunslingers, and thank you all for joining!

We are always looking to add more fellow adults to our kickback sessions of unwinding from work and playing some games. Visit us at . Nearly all of our content is available for viewing because we know you want to see just what you are joining. If you like what you see, become a member by registering in our forum. It can't be more fair than that, right?

The GoldenEye 007 Clan for Adults.
The Black Ops Clan for Adults.
The Mario Kart Wii Clan for Adults.

Gunslingers - Blazing trails for parent and hard working adult gamers.
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How is everyone's weekend hang-overs shaping up?


That is what I thought. ;)

Brew that coffee or tea (depending which side of the pond you reside on) and take a look at the Gunslinger Blog. In it, we have summarized the results of Gunslinger Games Awards of 2010. Our over 1,700 members had the opportunity to vote in 15 different poll categories:
Best Playstation 3 Game of 2010
Best Xbox360 Game of 2010
Best PC Game of 2010
Best Nintendo Wii Game of 2010
Best Nintendo DS Game of 2010
Best PSP Game of 2010
Best Driving Game of 2010
Best Shooter of 2010
Best Action/Adventure Game of 2010
Best RPG of 2010
Best Music/Dance Game of 2010
Best Platform Game of 2010
Best Sports Game of 2010
Best GS Arcade Game of 2010
Favorite Game Ever to Be Featured at GS

What would the winners of the above categories be if exclusively voted on by fellow adults? Only the Gunslingers clan can tell you. Visit the following Gunslinger Gaming Blog entry to see for yourself:

The Gunslingers
Inviting all parent and hard working adult Nintendo Wii players.
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Dig that sleep out of your eyes and pretend that the boss isn't annoying this Monday because it's the start of another work week. To ease the pain of settling back into the routine, The Gunslingers clan has some fun updates to share with everyone:

GS Jukebox - Long time member and resident musician, Geo, has been kind enough to share a fourth rock song he has composed and played live in front of an audience. You can check out his punk offering by listening to the GS Jukebox featured on every GS Chat page and within the Music section of the Gunslinger Gaming forums. Be sure to give him a thumbs up the next time you see him, and thank you for sharing your talent, Geo!

GS Arcade - As a game all too appropriate for a clan called the Gunslingers, Dukes of Hazzard Texas Hold 'Em Poker has been added to the Gunslinger Gaming Arcade! Match your skills against Daisy Duke in poker! The GS Arcade and all the games it features are entirely self hosted and installed by the Gunslingers, so we add a new arcade game every week, every Monday.

The Recent PC Classics Give-Away - Today is the LAST FULL DAY to get your name in the drawing for bundle prize comprised of six unopened big title PC games. There is no catch. Have a membership registered in the Gunslinger Gaming forums and post a reply to the Give-Away topic. At 1pm Pacific (3pm Eastern/9pm GMT), I will be pulling a name out of a hat live in the GS Lobby Chat.

Thank you for your time and, on behalf of the Gunslingers, I wish you all a pleasant (or, at least, bearable) Monday.

The Goldeneye 007 Clan for Adults.
The Black Ops Clan for Adults.
The Mario Kart Wii Clan for Adults.

The Gunslingers - Blazing trails for parent and hard working adult gamers.
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At the Gunslingers, we are very much appreciative that so many people choose us as their home to continue their game endeavors and fill their contact lists with fellow parents and hard working adults. Here are some member highlights well deserved:

-Congratulations to MMAMickey for winning the "Recent PC Classics Bundle" Give-Away! Yesterday at 1pm Pacific, his name was drawn out of the ol' viking helmet. Enjoy your prize and thank you for being a Gunslinger!

-Happy Birthday to GmaCher! Our long time member and awesome Gunslinger Leader, Cher, celebrated another birthday with us this week. I hope you had a great birthday and all your wishes made over blown candles come true!

-The Gunslingers are now officially over 1,800 members strong! The number of folks walking through our saloon doors is just staggering! Let's tip our hats and take a shot of whiskey for all the new Gunslingers to sign up with us in just the last seven days:
Razor Hanzo

THAT IS 51 NEW MEMBERS IN ONE WEEK! Thank you all for joining, and welcome to the Gunslingers!

-The Gunslingers clan is still recruiting! If you are either (or both) a parent or hard working adult looking for a group of gamers who can share in your desire to play some uncomplicated rounds of Goldeneye, Black Ops, or Mario Kart Wii during your down time, you are welcome to swing on by Gunslinger Gaming. If you like what you see, register an account in our Gunslinger Gaming Forums to start your membership as a fellow Gunslinger!

The Gunslingers - The Goldeneye, Black Ops, and Mario Kart Wii Clan for Adults.
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The Nintendo 3DS Clan for Adults

Brush those teeth and dig that sleep out of your eyes because it is Monday and another work week is upon us. Like a well timed shot of java, here are some Gunslinger Gaming updates to help keep you motived:

Goppfather's Newest Black Ops Short Film - The third and newest installment of GS Black Ops Leader, Goppfather, "short film" videos has been uploaded and now featured in the Gunslinger Youtube account. Check out some highlights of the good times had by GS!

New Arcade Game Installed - As a weekly tradition, a new game is installed in the custom GS Arcade every Monday. This week's addition features Cubis 2, the addictive puzzle game made famous on the ipod and iphone! Hone your cube evaporating skills while aiming for the highscore! Unlike the arcades with only a pre-loaded selection of games often included in pre-fabicrated clan sites, the Gunslingers Arcade has the ability to add new and classic games at will!

Crysis 2 Gamers Join the Party - In addition to plugging away at this game, GSers are welcome to expand their gaming habits of gaming with exclusively fellow adults to include the immensely well received Crysis 2 for the Xbox360, PS3, and PC. We have installed its own forum section, game specific text chat, and have a Master List already worth bragging about!

The 3DS Has Arrived - The 3DS has enjoyed its own subsection in the Gunslinger Gaming Forums for quite some time, but we have augmented that support and the ability of adult Nintendo 3DS owners to swap contacts with our new 3DS Master List. If you are gaming even when away from home, get your 3DS roster full of drinking buddies by joining the Gunslingers!

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates, and we wish you a great week!

The GoldenEye 007 Clan for Adults.
The Black Ops Clan for Adults.
The Nintendo 3DS Clan for Adults.

Gunslingers - Blazing Trails for Parent and Hard Working Adult Gamers.