I'm Glad the Wii Cant Play DVD's and MP3's!!!!

I don't care either way but it's not gonna deter from the game quality. That's like saying Game Designers work on the marketing campaign and if they didn't have to work on marketing the game it would be of better quality.

And did you know Sony and Microsoft do more than make games? I think they're more than qualified to make multimedia platforms.
Yea, if Nintendo were to ever create - for example - a weather channel, a news channel, a photo channel and a voting channel that had absolutely nothing to do with gaming, I would be very upset since that would take the focus away from gaming. I mean, who in the heck doesn't have a computer to do all of this stuff already? I'm just glad that Nintendo doesn't add useless things like the above examples I listed, or a useless doll dress-up simulator, that would be friggin' hilarious. But again, I'm glad Nintendo doesn't do such things...
davortech said:
My $30 DVD player can play DivX and HD-DVD very well so I don't need CD /DVD playback on my Wii. The price would not go any higher if nintendo had decided to implement CD / DVD playback support. It's about the laser, nothing else. Maybe Wii is already capable of reading CD's and DVD's but the firmware does not support it. If they ever decide to enable cd / dvd playback, they should only release the new firmware that supports it. Just a thought...
I was thinking the same thing. I believe the Wii is capable of many things, the firmware is the only thing we're waiting on. If the Wii would be able to play dvd in the future I wouldn't mind. Hell, it can probably rip cd's for all we know. In the next couple years, we'll probably see our Wii's do some crazy stuff, like grow legs and walk around or make us our coffee (not really).

Also, I don't think the different varieties of channels are a waste either. Put yrself in a younger kids shoes who doesn't have a computer in his room. The Internet Channel is for him. The creative minds behind Nintendo are genius for many reasons, but one is that they're trying to think of things for EVERYONE. I find myself reading the weather and news on their respective channels very often, although I have hordes of RSS feeds right here in front of me. Yea, the Voting Channel isn't that great, but it certainly isn't geared towards late teenagers to adults. I do vote on some things though, especially to see how well my predictions turn out :wink:. The Mii contests are cool because you can see how creative people get with their Mii's and entering the contests are fun too. The first one, Mario Without his Cap, I got 8th place.

In the future, what I wish to see is some practical use out of the usb ports, i.e external hard drives, web cams, keyboards, you know, that kind of stuff. But if we never see any of that, that's okay with me. I couldn't be more satisfied with a gaming system. Especially with it's backwards compatibility. That right there is why I believe the Wii costs $250 and, not say, $200. It's also small and sleek and the gameplay is one of a kind. To be non-wireless is not an option, couldn't be anyways.

The fact is, and I'll be done, is that when you see the word: Nintendo, you think of what, gaming; Microsoft, rich and monopolizing corporation who is responsible for making crappy OS's; Sony, super-company who makes just about everything. But, Nintendo will always be the leader in gaming world-wide because they focus not only on gameplay, but they also focus on products for EVERYONE.
Hey guys lets face it, we would love for the Wii to be capable of more!
I believe nintendo has a good strategy, not to do to many things to fast.

"No Company can be anything and Everything" Sony and Microsoft have
other means to make money so the gaming aspect is only a small portion
of what they have to offer.

Nintendo, on the other hand, is all about games.

I would love for Nintendo to incorporate DvD playback and CD playback and a
number of other things. Lets just wait and see what they are gonna do.

They are busy tryna met demand with the Wii Console and I think thats the
only reason we are not getting frequent updates to our Wii System.

I've been a fan of Nintendo since the Nes days, and I feel Nintendo has our
best interest in mind. If nintendo does to much to fast there will be nothing else to be excited about with the wii.

Lets just wait the see how the developers make use of the Controls. Just like with the DS, is gonna take some time for developers to really understand all that the Controls have to offer.

I predicted the success of Wii when it was first introduced at E3. I still think the Wii is capable of more than We can imagine! no pun intended lol.
CyanRussel said:
Everyone gots a mp3 or Ipod these days...SO WHATS THE POINT
The point is, everyone has mp3s on their ipod or computer, but this would be a very easy way to play them on your home theater.
Shoko said:
^of course the price wouldve been higher. im not sayin like 70-90$ higher, but it would at least be 20$ higher

DVD Decoding Licensing, is actually only 4% of the total price of the unit. So thats $10 bucks. I think Nintendo would have ate that, rather then passing it on. They could recoup it on decreased hardware costs at some point, and would still be making a nice profit on each console.

And of course this fits well with the big N's way of thinking. Once they release the Wii with dvdplay back, it will spur demand again, and also they wouldn't have had to eat that $10, since they have decreased hardware costs by the time the dvd Wii hits shelves.
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Is it possibly to have something connected too the USB connector too play DVDS?

Why are you happy? It would be adding something. It's not like you need too use it.
it'd be cool if they set up some kind of on-demand movie thing. you could like watch the movie over the internet for like wii points.
D4L_Wii said:
I'm GLAD that the wii cant play DVD's and MP3's.

Nintendo are stricktly for gaming and nothing else, is that so bad? I mean we have DVD Players to watch movies, and computers, mp3 players ect for music.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft X-Box, they do use DVD players and Music and Games which is ok but it focuses away from the gaming.

I hope that the Wii never does attach DVD and Music Playback because then they'll focus away from the True Meaning of their company of Nintendo.


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