Kinda retro stlyed iPod case


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May 30, 2006
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This is even stranger than the Dreamcast guitar I posted earlier

Its a bizarre idea but for those of you that use it for emu might like it

The Vintage Game Boy iPod Case is not just another modder showing off—it's an actual, 100% purchasable product.


Made from a real black & white Game Boy, the buttons have been mapped to the iPod functions for full non-scrollwheel control. A headphone jack sits at the bottom of the unit as well, but the case falls short in that there is no way to charge or sync your iPod through it. And the display face is a bit on the ugly.

For those still craving the retro cool, grab one of your own for $30. Just be sure to note that the case works with Minis and Nanos only, and it may really piss Apple engineers off.

I meatin them apple fans halfway
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The iPod can be hacked to play Gameboy games
So errrrrrrrr
Mario anyone
I'm going to save my $30.00..

Doesn't seem like something worth purchasing.. Also I would hate to carry that around..
i wouldn't mind....i like to carry the old school gameboy.... and i like to listen to music.......
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Livein in a dodgy area
Dont wana get mugged for you iPod
I'd buy that just to show it off. An original Game-Boy case for an iPod Mini. I definitely have to pick that one up. The iPod should be more secure by the looks of the pictures.

J/K, it's a worthless piece of junk.
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Itd be nice if there was a screen addon so that it displayed it on the gbs screen