PSP Sets Fire To Schoolboy's Pants


Animal Collective
Dec 30, 2007
Wherever Fate Takes Me
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At the Warner Middle School in Farmington Hills Michigan this morning a fire broke out in a young boy's pants. According to police, the PSP in the student's pocket overheated and exploded, burning a hole in his pocket and causing minor burns on his legs. A teacher at the school managed to separate the boy from his gaming system, after which a lockdown was instituted at the school to facilitate emergency personnel reaching the injured young man, whose burns were treated on school grounds before being transported to a local hospital. Police are currently investigating the cause of the PSP's malfunction. In the meantime, you might want to consider moving that puppy from your pocket to a backpack - preferably lined with asbestos, which is easily found at many schools across the country. I've had video games get my pants hot before, but somehow this just seems a whole lot less pleasant.