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Jul 29, 2006
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well i was on another wii forum pleaswe forgive me and i came acroos this lovely lad let me qoute him "you idiots don't know what you're talking about. NINTENDO WILL ANNOUNCE LAUNCH DATE AT "LEIPZIG" GAMING CONVENTION!!! U make me sick." hmm this is irefutabe proof that this forum rocks and all the toher ones are sad excuses

wolf231 said:
Yeah this is, all the rest really suck, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED AT THEIR CRAPPY FORUMS!!!!!!

Hey now, not all other Wii forums "suck". Be fair now!
yah they're stupid
they're flaming the ps3 about its price, and they dont even have the right price..and the rumble thing, he talks as if hes going to go on but dosent, what a newb, NEWB FORUM!


yes but seriously, only 67 members, their a new-starting wii forum WHY ARE WE DISSING THEM? we should be supporting them! the more wii forums the better!
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Heh, I'm not so concerned about bashing their forum, just all other Wii forums in general!

Edit: I will also add, getting a forum to 67 members (or however many) is quite difficult. WiiChat has the benefit of being at the top of the google page, otherwise it may not have grown as it has. Also, I'm certain that if you look at any forum, including this one, you will find some idiotic post that many of the other members ignore!

Though I do agree, the more Wii forums, the better!
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Whoa....that was a bit of a bump. This thing was here 2 months BEFORE I JOINED.

Diomedes, please watch the dates of the posts you are responding to. How'd ya find this thread in the first place?
Uuuuh, it was in my 'new responses' section in my user cp

Yeah i know, im ancient....

I feel old already, WAAAAH
god thank you mod for no posting banning him.

but i also took this moment to edit some spelling mistakes i made in that post..
Omg, the guy who started it has the exact same name I used to have.. well I suppose it isn't very original :D
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