The negatives of the Strata, Masterton, etc.



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Apr 11, 2011
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Not to mention the higher weapons get stuck with really low clips. Even when you trade in a proxie gadget for high clip with strata or ivana you only get 38 bullets :( another thing I noticed is they make the higher level guns a bit harder to control exp: Strata, Ivana, and especially the Anova, Wazoo, and Masterton. I remember how smooth the stauger, Vargen, and Terralite were when I had them. Don't get me wrong the higher level weapons are more deadly but they have a few down sides.

Yeah the smaller clip thing can be a big pain when you have 2 or more enemies and you run out of ammo and don't have any cover to reach to reload. If I can have access to a anova strata or ivana I'll put it on burst fire when I am shooting a med/longer distance so I don't blow a whole clip Rambo style in 2.2 seconds on someone that only got hit by a total of 4 bullets of the 30.

I got my vargen 3 levels ago and I am in love with the thing paired up with a silencer I can be fatal with it and I use it in all small to medium maps with a good amount of cover. For all bigger maps I stick with my terralite ACOG or silenced. And if I'm bored I'll snipe.

Question. Which assult rifle has the best range and accuracy? I would guess the ivana but I could be wrong? Am I?
The Anova is actually the most accurate. The Ivana is behind by a veeery small amount, but all the other stats are completely maxed out.

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Mar 28, 2011
I feel bad when I'm expected to be the dominant player(lvl-29). I'm a complimentary player to teams. I'm not the 14-18 kill guy. I'm the 9 kills and 1 death guy. In many ways I play the game as an individual, team conflict works for me because I only have to worry about 4 adversaries on the map instead of regular conflict where there are just too many for a camper. If I don't get the bonus 50..oh biggy. I never use a shotgun, and I only really notice them being used often in the Archives. I have notices that immediately after the level starts the shot gun person gets a bunch of kills...and the game seems to lesson the effectiveness of the gun...and the kills aren't so immidiate. Maybe I'm imagining things but that's the way it seems.


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Nov 23, 2010
A lotta good points above, but what it really comes down to is how well you move.

When I have higher level weapons, if people want to hunt me down, let them. That's why I've been playing more and more heroes. It's at the point now that I can adapt to how other people move, shoot, mine, etc etc. So while they come at me, I'm zigzagging, running behind cover, ducking, throw something to distract, reload, etc and more et ceteras. There have been several occasions I'll have more than one opponent standing at close range at gunning for me and whether I'll lightfoot sprint between them or strafe back and forth, I'm pretty good at having zero ammo - maybe in both guns - and then reload one, focus one opponent, and then fire. So for a good 5-10 seconds I'm moving but nothing else. They're emptying their clips, which lets me know when my offensive window opens up. You can probably figure out what happens after that.

So yes, people hunting for me have definitely made me upset as they cut off a streak of mine, but when I get into a 20-0 streak I'm typically low on ammo anyway. So run at me, I'll probably take you out, and I'll listen to what type of gun you have. Sometimes I get too greedy waiting for someone to come with an awesome gun and someone takes me out while I'm standing around with an empty Strata in my pocket. Otherwise I'll thank my deceased opponent and run in to grab their terralite, and streak resumes....

I'm glad to see this game is like it's predecessor - strafe, run, duck, zigzag, and just move like a bat out of hell so no one can get a lock on you (and don't stand too close to walls if someone's got Grenadier) and know your maps and where to find cover - you will dominate 99% of opponents, and end up with at least 5 to 1 ratio at the end of the game.

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