The Official Pokemon Ingame Challenge Thread

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Ooh, I've seen this on another forum before.

I think I'll take the monotype challenge for my Sapphire.

Type: Fighting

Proposed team:

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Challenge accepted, goodluck WMBQ!

I plan on doing a tough combined challenge soon enough.
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Double post - bite me. :D

Well, considering I've finished all the preparations, I'll finally be taking up a challenge - a combined challenge.

I'll be doing Mono Type, combined with Unevolved, and combined with Single. So, I'll be choosing the type bug. I'm sure you're about to think "IS HE GOING TO RAISE A CATERPIE LOLOLOL?" or something of that nature, but I assure you, I'll complete this challenge easily. Eggs can go a long way.

In terms of what I'll be using as a bug type, it'l be Scyther. Unevolved from Scizor, is a bug type, and ofcourse, is a single poke. So yeah, accepted. If I'd have to double post here to keep my progress, I'll post in the Social Group instead, btw. And the game I'll do this for? ..Hmmmm, Platinum. Gives more of a challenge, don't you think?
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Go for it Fraz. It's a tough one IMO, but yeah, go for it. Challenge accepted!
WOW!!! That was a nice quick reply! OK i'll do my best!

NOTE: Is it a problem if I change it to Emerald? My sister owns my Ruby version because I swapped it for Emerald >_<
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Yeah, that's completely fine, Fraz. The version doesn't matter as long as you complete the challenge. :lol:
Yeah but my patience might run out every time one of my pokemon level =/
hey there, I fancy having a go at the monotype challenge for my Ruby version.
Not sure what type I'll use though so I'll propose a team in a wee bit :)
That okayy??
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That's one of the reasons why the challenge is hard, Fraz. :p Because it's as annoying as crap. ..That, and most unevolved pokemon suck.

@ Elmo: Sure, you can take the challenge. Accepted! Just remember to say what type your team will be before you start.
Yeah true Most unevolved pokemon suck =/ but I find most of them cool =)
yeah, I don't have to use my starter pokemon in my team do i?? :/ and using other pokemon for HMs are okay as long as I don't use them for battling yeah?
Just to make sure lol
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Correct, you don't have to have your starter in your team. You can use it until you get the correct type of pokemon you want, though.

Also correct, you can use any pokemon for HMs, as long as they don't go into battle.
Aw cool, it was just to make sure...
I tend to miss things the first time I read them lmao
And cool I think I'll go for Flying types then...
leave myself plenty of options
Proposed Team:
Dragonite/Altaria (to be decided)
Pelipper/Gyarados (to be decided)
Charizard (I'm allowed to trade Charmander over yeah?)
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