The Wiimote, what do you REALLY think?


Apr 30, 2006
Nintendo have been saying time and time again, the Wii console isnt neccessarily gonna be up there with the most graphically intense consoles, but instead they're focusing more on the actual gaming and playability side.

This pretty much means the 'Wiimote' is the real key to the consoles future success...
As E3 pans out im sure more and more confirmations will trickle down from game publishers showing their support for the wiimote.

I personally think Nintendo are risking alienating a lot of 'casual gamers' who dont particularly want to get so involved in a game and would rather pick up and play for a short period of time. On the flipside of that however users are given a far more involving gaming interaction like nothing seen before and im sure that'll tock all the playability checkboxes Nintendo want to hit.
I love Nintendo...They might not have the most powerful systems but they still seem to deliver...Example Resident Evil 4. We all now this great game of 2005 looked better on the gamecube than the ps2 and ps2 is a way more powerful machine! Nintendo will always continue to deliver no matter how powerful sony and microsofts system get. WE LOVE YOU NINTENDO!:)
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phimuajedi69 said:
please tell me 'wiimote' is not the official name....

haha im hoping thats just the nickname :scared:
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phimuajedi69 said:
it does fit nicely, and like the new name has grown on me somewhat

Yea by the time launch date comes around all this 'wii' bashing will have cleared and im pretty sure the name will be synonymous with the Nintendo console :cool:

(they hope)
(they hope)

yeah, i'll prolly stay stuck in the 80's and just call it the nintendo, much like i never put the 2 at the end of playstation, thats why i didn't get upset like most people when they changed the name
i REALLY think it's going to do good because i've heard alot about it being very responsive and haveing a small learning curve. As far as durability, you can always trust them with that at least, i've never had a broken nintendo system beyond NES. Only red steel, have i heard it wasnt that responsive to but they still have alot of tweaking to do
From the screenshots/trailers, it looks really good. It's one of the components that makes the Wii stand out from the other consoles.
When I first found out about the "Wiimote", I thought "This would be perrfect for FPS games!" Now, many months later, I find out about Red Steel and Metroid Prime: Corruption! My dream is coming true (actually getting to aim by moving the controller at home! I play those games all the time at arcade type places.)! :D :D :D :D
I think there will be a learning curve with the Wiimote. Just cause its not something your used to. Once the Wiimote becomes second nature then you'll be able to enjoy a the great titles Wii has coming. I cant wait to get my hands on it.
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