Wii's One Year Anniversary!

Wii national song

Wii is the best thing ever,
Wii wii wii wii wii!
And on the wii was the channels Wii wii wii wii wii!
With the channel there and channel there
channel, channel channel every where.
Wii is the best thing ever
Wii wii wii wii wii!
Old mick donald tune
I waited in line for like 1 hr and a half on launch. i brought it home, played it for a little bit and then watched the grey cup (lions won, shame they just got raped by SASK) anyway ive had fun with the thing.
I waited outside of target with 2 of my friends and I didn't get one cause I wanted to wait for the colors. But now I have one because it was confirmed that colors come out after SSBB.
i butted in front of the line at futureshop, twas sweet and waited about 8 hours.....it was a huge line up, best product i think i have ever bought with my own hard earned cash
first off... HAPPY BIRTHDAY WII! :D

2 great experiences, first when i got the wii. my bros got it for me, and we played it all night... and most of the morning. even my mum had a go. it kicked ass, and we played again at lunch time.

2nd was a partyish thing... we didnt do alot of partying, but half way through a party, 10 of us left and went to my mates house down the street. i had my wii there, and his aswell, plus 3 DSs and two psps. it was AWESOME. video game fest, mario kart was awesome on ds, so was tekken on psp. but the wii was what everyone REALLY wanted to play (and seeing as we had one set up on a huge projector and the other on a plasma, it rocked). wii sports+gh+mario strikers+rayman+some vc titles (mostly streetfighter and mario kart)... THAT NIGHT ROCKED!

there have been plenty more wii moments where friends came over... but we were on the grog that night, so it takes the cake.
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Happy Birthday Wii Thead #23 ~with a poem~

Happy Birthday Wii!!!

Your way cooler than a tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just play the Wii and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's everyone's cup of tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been playin Zelda again, oh snap a key!!!!!!

yay-yuh! :yesnod:

don't be hatin like them haters.
I'm currently playing Resident Evil UC. The game is very addictive. The VC has been very weak, and I hope Nintendo spends more time in this area next year.

The Wii will probably be #1 this entire generation. The only way that will change is if Sony -or- Microsoft die. As long as those two fight it out, the Wii will maintain first. Thus the console wars repeat again with the weakest system winning (PS2), and the most expensive in dead last(Xbox, even though they sold a few million more than GC they did not make a profit, unlike the GC).
first of Thanks and Congragulations to Nintendo for creating such a successful gamesystem
My -best expiriences witrh the Wii were playing the games and i think that most people will agree
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WII and hopefully you have many more coming
Only wish I could have bought mine a year ago, I had to wait months after :lol:
Oh well, hopefully the next year and years to come are as good or better than the first year.