Wii's One Year Anniversary!


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Mar 18, 2007
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Well boys/girls, tommorrow is the day the Wii offically turns one year old (In the U.S.)! Exciting isn't it? This past year for Nintendo in my opinion has been a golden one. After the Game Cube, which really wasn't too successful, the Wii was a great idea to get Nintendo back on top. The day I got my Wii (at Christmas) I was so happy and so pleased with it that I believed it was the best gaming console ever created. I still believe that now. There has been so many good things that have happened this year with the Wii, and so many good things to come too! Sure there have been some dissapointments, but those are to be expected. One cannot expect to be entertained by the Wii nonstop and complain as soon as you have nothing else left to do with your Wii. We should be thanking Nintendo for what they have given us this year and what they will be giving us in the years to come. So, I invite everyone here at WiiChat to personally thank Nintendo themselves for job well-done. Feel free to tell us what your best moment with the Wii was and what it means to have a Wii in your life.

Congratulations Nintendo for a successful year! :thumbsup:
ah yes the wii. the best sytem i had yet. unlike a lot of people, when i was about to get my wii, i didnt know it had motion controls. i actually only found out about a week before i got it. any how i waited 6 hours in line on the first day. and man was it worth it. i havent regreted it at all. the best experience on wii would have to be super mario galaxy.

then again i love waiting to see updates and what nintendo is going to come up with next. its always a mystery and i like that.
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^Yes I like the updates as well...whenever I see the blue light I allways get excited to see what I've been sent

lets hope the red ring of death wont pop up in the wii menu
God I hope not :)
For me the greatest experience with my wii was when i first got it home.

I waited overnight in the cold for my wii for Christmas. My fiance bought it for me (I convinced her to give me the money since I lived closer to the mall than she did, so I asked and they were sold out (of course) and wouldn't be getting any till that weekend. And they were first come first serve.

So I walked down there at like 12:30 and camped out in the cold in front of the mall drinking a big thermos of coffee and playing DS all night.

The security guard came to clock in and interrogated the hell out of me. After explaining everything he let me be. And then the owner of Gamestop showed up around like 7 or so. And was like "WTF?..you stayed here all night for an f'in wii?!?" I was like "Dude what can I say? I'm a devoted consumer."

The when I got it home I was too numb and tired to play. I took a short nap after setting it up. Then I played my first round of wii sports. I was hooked. My wii and I have been through a lot together. I even had it stolen at one point and took me about a month to get it back. (thankfully intact save the cheap plastic flaps covering the GCN controller slots and the memory card slots.)

I love my wii and wouldn't trade it in for anything. If you can't find ANYTHING on the wii (that means wii titles, GCN titles, and VC games) that interests you then I don't think you can be considered a true gamer. There is simply too much of a library of greatness to be ignored simply on the account that its not got Sony stamped on it.
Wow. The Wii has given me the chance to experience the best gaming console in the world. Nintendo did a hell of a job with the Wii. I got mine by standing in line in NY's TRU for three hours. I was so excited. I'm so glad i bought it. It's the best console out right now and will remain the best console until the next next gen drops. I've experienced the best online, single player, multiplayer, and every thing else out there via the Wii. A true gamers dream is the Wii. I mean think about it, have you ever played a game that made you feel like you were in it after playing the Wii. I speak for all of us when i say probably not.

Thank You Nintendo.
Very Much
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I liked that you can send emails. I also like that you can create miis and play them on channel and games. I think that the wii been more succesful in making, of coures, the only thing, its gotta be....

Shadow3401 said:
I liked that you can send emails. I also like that you can create miis and play them on channel and games. I think that the wii been more succesful in making, of coures, the only thing, its gotta be....


It brought me Paper Mario 1, so yeah, it's awesome.
Welcome to WiiChat!
:yesnod: I hope nintendo lets you have a free game off of the wii shop channel
Yay 4 duh wiiii
i only got mine a few weeks ago but thus far i have accumlated 6 games.
greatest moment LoZTP pwning ganondorf, although it was to easy still rewarding.
ILY NINTY keep making me happy.
Although the Wii's 1st birthday isnt quite hear yet in Aus, I will celebrate it with you guys anyway. Well done nintendo and i hope there are many more years in this great little consoles lifetime.